Turpie Playlot

Turpie Playlot        

Size in acres: .62

Since 1969

Turpie Playlot is located at Turpie Street and Manford Street.  For more detailed location information,
check out the General Park Map  or Turpie Playlot Map 


A tract of land 200 x 134 for a small playground at Turpie & Manford Streets was received from Mr. Richard Waterfield in 1969.

Children can enjoy this playground that features a swing set and multiple slides as well as other amenities.

Summit Street Park  Summit Street Park

Summit Street Park    

Size in acres: .34

Since 1976

Summit Street Block Park is located at the 1400 block of Summit Street, near the intersection of Summit Street and Cedar Street.  For more detailed location information, check out the General Park Map  or Summit Street Park Map


In 1976 the Board of Park Commissioners requested the transfer of this property to the city from the county.  The intention at that time was to provide a small block park for the neighborhood in conjunction with other capital improvements afforded under the Community Development Act.

This park features a playground for children to enjoy, as well as benches and a picnic table for visitors.

Roosevelt Park

Roosevelt Park

Size in acres: 1.5

Since 1919

Roosevelt Park is located east of the intersection of Main Street and Camp Allen Drive next to the St. Mary's River.  It has rivergreenway access and is only a short distance away from Orff Park


The park property was acquired in 1919 and the people in that area at the time desired the park be called Theodore Roosevelt Park.  A movement was then started to secure funds from which to erect within the park a memorial to Mr. Roosevelt who was our 26th President and has been ranked by scholars as one of the greatest US Presidents.

For more detailed location information, check out the General Park Map or Roosevelt Park Map .

Seiling Block Park

Seiling Block Park 

Size in acres: .60

Since 1915

Seiling Block Park is located at Wayne Trace and New Haven Avenue.  For more detailed location information,
check out the General Park Map  or Seiling Park Map .


Seiling Park was donated in 1915 by Dietrich Seiling.  This small but historical tract of land was once a part of the Wayne Trace Indian Route to Cincinnati.

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Program Philosophy & Objective

To serve as a catalyst in providing an avenue for citizen involvement that will generate community pride through personal interaction and ownership of Fort Wayne's playgrounds. By organizing this volunteer effort to cleanup playgrounds on a regular basis, adults help to provide safe and inviting places for our city's youth. The program also generates a broader awareness to the importance of fun and unstructured play for the health of our children.

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Mayor's Day of Recognition for National Service
Klug Park    

In 2019, Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Director Steve McDaniel and Volunteer Center Executive Director Ana Etter joined Mayor Henry at Klug Park to thank the group of volunteers who came out to mulch the park. Representatives from the Volunteer Center, Maple Seed Farms, Benchmark, Infitinty Outdoor Services, and Senior Volunteers from RSVP were in attendance to assist.

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Program Policies

The adopting organization commits to a three-year period, cleaning up their playground three-times each year. These cleanups need to be scheduled for the early spring through fall.
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A sign with the name of your group will be placed near the playgrounds, indicating your public service adoption for three years.


Program Tasks

Appropriate tasks (examples)
Litter pick up
Raking & sweeping
Weeding around playground
Painting if approved by Parks Department
Unique tasks can be considered for each playground after discussing with the Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department 

  • Additional training & materials for special projects, if indicated 

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Program Information

If you are interested in the Adopt A Playground Program, please check out the forms/information below:

Fort Wayne Adopt A Playground Agreement

City of Fort Wayne Hold Harmless Release

Adopt A Playground Program Evaluation

Facility and Park Directory

Current Adopt A Playground Groups

For More Information 

If you are interested in learning more about the Adopt A Playground program, or if your group or organization would like to schedule a one-day park clean-up, please submit the Adopt a Playground Form.

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