Wells Street Park   

Size in acres:.11
Owned by: Community & Economic Development

Wells Street Park is located at the intersection of Wells & Third streets. For more detailed location information, check out the General Park Map, or Driving Directions.  


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Open Space

This park offers a bit of open space and benches in the midst of the Wells Street commercial district.



Justin Study Park 

Size in acres: 5.0

Since 1932

Justin Study Park is located at Covington & Brooklyn Avenues with parking access off of Brooklyn Avenue. For more detailed location information, check out the General Park Map or Justin Study Park Map  


Originally three and three-fourths acres were purchased for Justin Study playground on February 16, 1932. On March 31, 1937, Mayor H.W. Baals requested the Park Board to improve the above ground in order to provide recreation for the use of the community.  On February 25, 1941, it was requested of the Park Board that a restroom and shelter facilities be built.  The Department built the first pavilion out of railroad ties and scrap material.  Today Justin Study is now 5 acres and provides opportunities for rest and relaxation to the community.


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Justin Study features an open air shelter that is available on a first come/first
served basis with attached restrooms.



Children will enjoy the playground features including slides and other
amenities and a swing set at this park. Parents will enjoy the
afternoon shade!

Tennis Courts


Tennis anyone?

Basketball Courts


Ready for some hoops? Check out the basketball court.

Waynedale Gardens

Waynedale Gardens        

Size in acres: 1.1

Since 1975

Waynedale Gardens is located near the intersection of Broadripple Drive & Beaty Avenue. 
For more detailed location information, check out the General Park Map, or
Waynedale Gardens Map

History: In 1975 land was donated by Howard Hirshey, for what is now known as Waynedale gardens. Mr. Hirshey stipulated that the lots would only be used for park purposes with a reverter clause to the Theodore Hirshey Memorial Scholarship Fund established by the Fort Wayne Bible College. His total donation value was approximately $9,000. In 1978 the land was developed into Waynedale Gardens.

Children can run and play in this park's natural open space or make use of the swing set and playground.

West Central Playlot

West Central Playlot

Size in acres: .09

Since 1972

West Central Playlot is located near the intersection of Fairfield Avenue and Lavina Street   For more detailed location information, check out the General Park Map  or West Central Playlot Map


The West Central Playlot was acquired with Revenue Sharing funds in 1972.  During this time there was a big push to create Neighborhood Associations which were given a major role in selecting projects for these funds.  Neighborhood Associations determined additional park land should be a priority and thus West Central Playlot (as well as other playlots) was developed.

Kids can enjoy the swings or playset with a slide and other amenities at the West Central Playlot.

Vesey Park  Spy Run Creek

Vesey Park      

Size in acres: 15.4

Since 1912

Vesey Park is located at Irvington Drive and Eastbrook Drive.  For more detailed location information,
check out the General Park Map or Vesey Park Map 


The original five acre tract of land for Vesey Park was donated in 1912 by John H. Vesey. A second parcel of land was added in 1934, and Mr. Vesey's earlier donation grew to its present size.

The park features open space among the trees with areas for picnicking and views to Spy Run Creek.

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