Weekly we will be posting virtual exercise classes being led by Kim Labenberg.  Check back soon for additional videos.

In addition, you can participate every Tuesday LIVE ...check out the: Community Center's Facebook page to get started.


10 Minute Workout posted on 4/30/2020


Senior Yoga posted on May 4, 2020

Sit Down Workout posted on May 4, 2020 




ABC Exercise posted on May 5, 2020

Cardio Flex posted on May 5, 2020



ABC Exercise posted on May 7, 2020



Cardio Flex posted on May 7, 2020



Senior Yoga posted on May 7, 2020



ABC Exercise posted on May 12, 2020




Cardio Flex posted on May 12, 2020

Senior Yoga posted on May 12, 2020


ABC Exercise posted on May 14, 2020



Cardio Flex posted on May 14, 2020



Chair Yoga posted on May 14, 2020



Senior Yoga posted on May 14, 2020



ABC Exercise posted on May 19, 2020



Cardio Flex posted on May 19, 2020




Senior Yoga posted on May 19, 2020

IMG 2808

Confirmation Notices and Other Forms

When you register for Salomon Farm Day Camp you will receive e-mail confirmation of your registration as well as general information to keep for camp. Please download the appropriate information where applicable.

Download the 2020 Confirmation Letter after you register for Salomon Farmin' Fun Day Camp with all the fun details about your week at camp!

2020 Confirmation Letter
Release & Authorization Form

Medication Permission Forms (As needed)
Medication Protocol Information
Prescription Medication Permission Form
Over the Counter Medication Permission Form

IMG 6334sm

Biographical Portraits 

Want to learn more about our 2019 Farmin' Fun Day Camp staff? Download our Staff Bios and learn more!

 20161117 18413320161118 17132220150706 102454


Youth Center virtual Programs small

You can now register for Virtual Programs offered by the team from  McMillen or for the Jennings, Cooper, and Weisser teams!

COVID-19 Impact

In keeping with Governor Holcomb’s Back on Track plan McMillen Center is open for limited adult programming for which social distancing may be employed.  K-12 youth programs are currently closed and will reopen based on updates regarding K-12 facilities yet to come from the Governor’s office.

During this COVID-19 outbreak there are various places that have stepped up to help our community with meals. For information on locations offering meals to the community during this time please see the Lunch site list (FWCS).


McMillen Park Community Center

3901 Abbott Street
McMillen Park map
Supervisor: Andre Patterson 

Only open for Adult exercise programs this summer.

On-line McMillen Youth Program Registration form  Please call 427-2420 if you have any questions.

IMG 20141125 101657635 2

Visit the Kid's Korner Indoor Playground!

The Kids’ Korner Indoor Playground is located inside McMillen Park Community Center and is open to boys and girls ages 13 and under.

During the school year, the public hours for the playground are: 9-3 pm and 6-8:45 pm Monday/Friday.  When FWCS are closed, 9 am-12 pm.  Weekend hours are 12-5 pm if there isn't a rental.  

Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times and must wear gym shoes while on the playground.

The playground is not supervised by Community Center staff.

Access to the playground is included in the $1/person.

Questions? Call McMillen at 260.427.2420. 
20150731 144713 JahLiya  JahNae Robinson siblings staying active afterschool

 Youth Programs

Parents please complete the following on-line form and submit for your children that participate in the programming at McMillen Park Community Center.  Thank you!  On-line McMillen Youth Program Registration form  Please call 427-2420 if you have any questions.

IMG 2337 IMG 2326
Check out the Youth Programs @ McMillen link  for a list of activities!

Adult Schedule

Check out the Adult Programs @ McMillen link   for a complete list of adult activities!!

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Special Events
Check out the Special Events link for information on upcoming events.

Daily Use and Rental Fee Information

A complete list of fees and charges is now available. 


The facility may be rented on Saturday and Sundays.  Note, the facility is not available for rental at this time.

McMillen Youth Program Registration

Click HERE to complete the On-line McMillen Youth Program Registration  


For More Information

Like us on facebook!!

Please call the McMillen Park Community Center at 260.427.2420.

 IMG 4285 adjusted IMG 4222 adjusted   IMG 4296

 Are you ready for a virtual Farmin' Fun Day Camp tour? We have so much to show you.  

IMG 2772IMG 2775

We start our morning routine by deciding which team will help with the flag ceremony.  This particular day the FIT campers were chosen by the counselors. 

IMG 1645 IMG 1653

Let's check out the garden...  

Our FIT (Farmers in Training) help us maintain the gardens and are responsible for harvesting and selling vegetables at the Farmers' Market.  As campers we assist with watering the garden, tending to the raised beds and transplanting seedlings.  We will also bring home a transplanted seeding so we can care for our new plant at home.  Don't worry mom, we will have information on how to care for our new plant!

IMG 2732IMG 2733

IMG 2735IMG 2737

We rely on many groups to make our crops and gardens possible. Perhaps some day you will want to volunteer at Salomon and be part of the gardening crew. We can always use volunteers. 


While you are touring, be sure to notice the newest "barn" which is the Blacksmith shop. During special events the building is open for you to check out this exciting hobby. Classes are also available.

IMG 2904

As you walk around the property you may wonder about the future plans for the actual farm house and out buildings.  Currently a fundraising drive is being organized. 

Projects include:

Renovation of the homestead which will include restoring the Homestead to a 1930's farmhouse in keeping with the wishes of the Salomon Family.
Expansion of the Learning Center
Renovation of Summer Kitchen

Look for further information as all of this develops!  A very exciting time for Salomon Farm Park!!

IMG 2720IMG 2726 
IMG_3579 IMG 2671 

Our NEW Chicken Coop was installed in time for the 2016 camping season! Our chickens may venture outside or stay in the coop depending on the weather. 

Next stop is a visit to see our pygmy goats...



Off to see the "old barn" which was built in 1871. Rent the old barn for your next private event. Visit the old barn during one of our special events, come on a Wednesday to the Farmer's Market or enjoy it during camp.

11-farm camp goat cover06-farm camp donkey

Who can resist seeing our goats and donkeys? Visit with our two miniature Mediterranean donkeys who are sisters; Chica and Chula.  They are camp favorites!

IMG 0670

 IMG 0663

Depending on our week, we may go on a scavenger hunt and end up criss crossing the entire farm.  While doing this we see our animals and have a chance for a brief visit before heading on to our next clue.  

6-29-09 017

 During camp we take hay rides and learn about the Salomon legends. Be sure to ask us what we learn. 

IMG 6548


  • Our FIT (Farmers in Training) kids assist with our honey bees. Don't worry mom, we wear protective suits. We will learn a lot of facts about the honey bees including the following:
  • Did you know each worker bee works her entire life, from 28 to 35 days only to make just one-twelfth of one teaspoon of honey!
  • Bees must fly 55,000 miles and visit 2 million flowers to make one pound of honey.
  • You can experience the exciting and intricate world of bees up close and personal in a controlled and protective environment if you sign up for our FIT program!

IMG 0636

IMG 0632

As a "FIT" we enjoy special projects around the Farm, help with the Farmers' Market on Wednesdays, enjoy campfires and special activities throughout the week and much more. 

 IMG 0641IMG 2796

Our animals are the best and are our "stars" of the week. Ask us what we've learned about tending to our animals.

IMG 2801IMG 2802IMG 2805IMG 2814 

IMG 2780IMG 2781IMG 2783IMG 2789IMG 2791IMG 2799

The farm chores we do each day are divided up so they are appropriate for our age.  We just love the animals as you can clearly see...and our "chores" are just part of the FUN! 

IMG 2826IMG 2816IMG 2823

While you are touring...make sure you check out our new additions.  Albino Turkeys and our calves-Ben and Jerry!

IMG 2909 IMG 1630

We are constantly on the move...so mom we will come home very tired and hungry!

  IMG 4228 IMG 4242 Adjusted

Once a week our bubbly fun begins with a wagon ride to Becketts Run for a creek walk led by camp counselors. Campers, don’t forget to ask your counselor about Farmer Salomon and the Legend of the Broken Bridge! After the creek walk campers enjoy a wagon ride back to the Learning Center where the bubbles can be seen from a mile away! Don’t worry parents your children will come home clean, dry, and smelling fresh!”

IMG 2843IMG 2846IMG 2846IMG 2851IMG 2859

 IMG 2860IMG 2867IMG 2873IMG 2875IMG 2880

Even wanted to go fishing?  How about learning to cast?  On this day we headed out to the Pond to practice our skills and caught some fish.  Don't worry mom-we won't be bringing any home!  This was catch and release only!

IMG 1638 IMG 1640

On certain days we check out and refine our craft skills!  We concentrate on learning traditional hand arts which could include: working with wool, dipping candles, small weaving projects or possibly sewing.

IMG 1708
Our Old Fashioned Field Day is held on Wednesdays at the end of the camp day.  Invite your parents to visit and see first hand what you have experienced throughout the week.  There will be old fashioned games and if you get hot, you can sip on lemonade or tea.  Our Farmers' Market is held in the Old Barn from 4-7 pm on Wednesdays as well so after we could visit the market to see what kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables we could purchase.

IMG 2908IMG 2910

How about an outside game or two to enjoy the farm atmosphere?

IMG 1628IMG 2891

Camp is so much fun it is hard to say, "good bye"! Don't forget to sign up TODAY so you won't miss any of the 
FUN! We will be looking for you!



Children’s Gently Used

Book Sale

Tuesday, July 14 - Thursday July 16      

10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.      

Summer is a great time to READ . . . just for The fun of it! Purchasing is unlimited and open to kids and adults. Prices start at 25¢ per book.

Donations of new and gently used books are accepted year round. Books may be dropped off at the Community Center (233 W. Main St.) any time between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. If you have a large quantity of books, please call 427-6467 and arrangements will be made to have the books picked up.


Look for additional Special Events in the Summer Fun Times!



2020 Senior Games

Mark your calendars for: September, 2020! 

Save the date! Approximately 500 active senior adults participated in the 2019 Senior Games. Mark your calendar and start “training” now for the 2020 Games. Registration packets will be mailed in late summer.  Call 260-427-6462 to be placed on the mailing list.





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