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General Information






Location 705 E. State Blvd.
& Parnell Ave.

Oxford St. east of
Anthony Blvd.

2301 Maumee & Glasgow
Pool Opens May 24-26
May 31-June 1
June 7

May 31-June 1
June 7

 June 7
Pools NOW Closed for the Season CLOSED 






Ages 2-17 $3.50 Afternoon
$1.50 Evening
$2.25 $2.25
Over age 17 $4.50 Afternoon, $2 Evening $2.75 $2.25
Season Pass      
Child $70 $30 $30
Adult $95 $40 $30
Family Inquire at pool Inquire at pool Inquire at pool


Please note, all customers whether swimming or not are required to pay the admission fee.

There are no "pass outs".


City Swimming Championships

Date August 1-3, 2014

City Diving Championships

Date July 26, 2014

1-pool lift
Aquatic Lift

Swimming recreational opportunities are now more available to people with disabilities at all public swimming pools, thanks in large measure to a grant from the AWS Foundation. A PAL-portable aquatic lift, placed at each pool, can transfer  individuals from the side and place them into the water.

New ADA guidelines required a lift at each of public pool, including McMillen, Memorial and Northside. The PAL-portable aquatic lift (battery powered) is a sturdy, useful piece of equipment for use by people with disabilities.

This model is ADA compliant, lifts 300 lbs., is completely portable so that it can be put away when not in use, and has a 240 degree rotation to ensure a safe transfer area.

Open Swim for Disabled Youth

Open swims for children with disabilities or special needs will be Mondays from 5:15-6:15 p.m. beginning June 9. No pre-registration is required. The swim is FREE. Please check in before entering the pool. A parent must accompany each child in the water.

It was awesome. Deb P.
The swim instructors made learning fun and were very encouraging, gave a lot of positive feedback. Alex and Molly were great. Shelly J.
Wonderful teachers! Sarah S.
Great teachers-kids love it. Jane R.
Excellent instructors that promote appropriate skill development. Jennifer K.
Great class! Emily & Ryan R.
Judorae's teachers were so wonderful with her and had so much was appreciated to the fullest. Amber P.
The teachers were incredibly enthusiastic-excellent! My kids didn't want it to end. Janet A.
The instructors have great enthusiasm for swimming-my kids had a blast and learned so much. Sarah D.
Instructors were great for both levels! Nicole H
This was a wonderful experience.  The instructors were wonderful. My child is so sad it ended that we took the class again! J. Robinson
Robert came a long way because of all of you-thank you so much. Jennifer F.
Everyone is awesome-the kids and I enjoy everyone here! Anna G.
Awesome program led by awesome instructors-Mitchell J.
My son and I loved this program-Brittany J.
I am very happy with this class and the staff was amazing! Nicole L.
Extremely knowledgeable and fun instructors.  We're very pleased with the program and my child will continue with lessons at Northside pool! Michelle J.
We love the instructors. They are encouraging yet challenge the students at their level.  My children's swimming abilities have developed a lot this session. Valerie J.
I was so happy to see Alex learning to dive. Teri B.
Thank you for your smiles, encouragement and teaching skills. Shelia G.
My daughter has improved tremendously.  Thank you. Michelle J.
Very reasonable cost and incredible staff.  There isn't a better deal in Fort Wayne.  Connie C.
I can't think of a better place to take five kids all at once for lessons. Carrie C.
Excellent program, teacher was great. R.H.
So awesome. I have a 2 and a 6 year old and was amazed at the progress they made. Stephanie R.
Thanks for a great learning environment. Your instructors are awesome Christine N.
Good program. Fun Times. John T.
The classes were great for all our kids. They learned a lot and had fun doing it. Donna J.
Want to go a month next year. Meghan K.
Awesome. Diving is fun. Jeremy
Overall very satisfied with your program and will be here next year. Mike B.
All instructors and personnel were child oriented and very helpful to kids. Linda F.
The program was well run and the instructors were very good. Laura S.
I thought Evan was great with the kids. He is very positive and encouraging for the kids. They had fun with him. Tracey S. 
Just got home awhile ago from our last day of swim lessons at Northside. We did 3 of the 4 sessions this summer and I am so thrilled with how much my kids have learned! My daughter went from terrified of getting her face wet to diving for rings at the bottom of the pool, jumping off the diving board and using the water... slide by herself. The teachers at Northside are amazing and I can't thank them enough for helping my kids learn to love the water! Rachelle B.
I just wanted to thank your for the special needs swim at Northside pool! It really helped us a ton. It was a hot summer and taking some kiddos to the pool can be tough on lifeguards, the other pool patrons and the families. That hour that you gifted us with was amazing. Not only did we cool off - but we got to meet other kids and parents that face some of the same challenges that we do. So THANKS! Elizabeth L. S. 

I wanted to send you a little note, thanking you for all you taught Alexis in our 2 week swim lesson.  At the time I did not know how much she was really learning, besides becoming more comfortable in the water and learning how to balance herself when in the water.
Well we went on our family vacation to Myrtle Beach and we were in the water a lot.  And to my surprise she was doing the things she learned in class.  For example: she was doing her scoops and saying "strawberry, strawberry, strawberry, yum, yum, yum".  This by the way is a new word for her.  She does this all the time in or out of the pool.  It is so cute.  She also was not afraid of the ocean.  She was running in and out.  She loved it.  Another thing was we were swimming in the kiddie pool which was only 1 ft deep and she was climbing out of it like you taught her.  I was amazed.  She was doing her bubbles, jumping in.  I am so glad we were provided the opportunity for Alexis to go to swim lessons and to have you as her swim teacher. I am looking forward to next summer.  Beth E.
We couldn’t have had a better experience! The instructors were well trained and the kids loved them.   Anne CorrellI think that the swimming lessons at Northside Pool are very affordable and the instructors are very knowledgeable and make it fun  Melinda B
I’ve been coming to swim lessons since my oldest was a toddler, she’s 15 now. Danny M.
I participated with my daughter last year and I was very impressed with Noelle and Alex. They are excellent   Leisa K.
My child loved it! His teachers were great!   Amy H.
Very pleased with the instructors.   Angie L.
Amazing teachers, really helped my child socialize.   Tiffany B.
My child was terrified of the water, now he doesn’t want to leave and he plays in the water falls.   Elaine S.
Maybe smaller class? Mr. Ben was fantastic! He was great with the kids and incredibly patient. Teachers for level 1 were great as well.   Nicole H.

The session was outstanding, the number of kids per level versus the instructor and helper was outstanding. Alex is awesome with the kids and very knowledgeable. He makes it fun while learning lots. We loved it!   Mrs. Nix
We attended a recent Friday evening swim. The lifeguards were outstanding and truly have to be on their toes because of the crowds. I was very impressed by their ability and professionalism. You should be commended.   Mrs. Nix
Great personal attention to each child and patience with my 2 year old.   Emma A.
We are very grateful for Nancy and Mitch getting our kids started. Neither of our girls have had lessons before this year. They are thrilled and so are we! Thank you!  Jen M. 

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