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Camp Photos

Photos from a typical week at camp

07-Franke cover

08-franke dc










 Be ready for an exciting week at Franke Park Day Camp.  We have so much packed into every day you won't want to miss even a minute of your day!!

IMG_6852 IMG_4277

Take a look around our great Nature Center as you meet up with your counselor and
your fellow campers in your tribe.


If you are in the 4-5 age group, your tribal home will be the Cherokee bull pen inside the Nature
Lodge.  Look how friendly and inviting this place is for you!


If you are in the 6-11 age group, you will find your bull pen in the Long House.  You will keep all
your basic supplies in your bull pen and it will be your home base. 
 02-franke sing

Next stop, Singing Tree! You will learn a lot of new songs at
Singing Tree and have lots of great laughs too!!

We then raise the flag and say the pledge of allegiance.








 05-franke mud slide

Depending on the day we may head out to Bloody Gorge,
make tie die shirts, have pudding contests, go on a nature
hike,or explore Spy Run Creek...check out these photos
of our day...doesn't it look like MUDDY FUN???? 








 fdcamp2009 017 IMG_6867 IMG_6868

I need to remind mom that I should wear old clothes and shoes for the week 
as I will be having too much FUN to worry about staying clean!!

fdcamp2009 091

After this it is time to hit the trail. That means a quick trip to the Long House
to gather up the supplies that we all need, a restroom break and a final check
before we head out.

fdcamp2009 087

On Friday's the 11 year olds have an opportunity to earn their dog tags
so that means no talking for them (from the time the flag is raised in the
morning until it is lowered in the afternoon) and they must build their own
camp fire and cook their own food...all without talking to their fellow tribe
mates! It is quite fun to watch and many of the 9 & 10 year olds...wish
just for a day...they were 11 too!

fdchotdogsmall IMG_6855

One of the best parts of camp is gathering wood for the fire
and cooking our food.  Somehow you really appreciate it out in nature!
 01-franke slide

On hot days we get a chance to cool off with
a trip down the Slip N' Slide!



IMG_6853 IMG_6886

We may also go on hikes in the woods or sit under a tree and enjoy a story.

IMG_6887 IMG_6919 IMG_6927

Have you ever wondered what is involved in being chosen for the Fire Hoops Dance? 
On a Thursday in July CIT's audition for this privilege. You must pass certain elements in order to 
perform the Fire Hoops Dance at the Big Pow Wow in August. 

IMG_4267 IMG_4271

As our week winds down on Friday we are successfully led back to camp by the 11 year olds.
It is time to get ready for the Pow Wow at 2:00 pm. Our counselors help us with our costumes
and our face paint. 


Before too long it is time for our trip down to Tribal Council to report in on our activities.

IMG_4326 IMG_4356

Each tribe gets a chance to perform for the Council. 

IMG_4364 IMG_4358

Some of us have special props to add to our dances.

IMG_4361 IMG_4303

All ages perform even the CIT's!


Mom don't be alarmed by the is all part of the camp tradition that is 68 years


Every Friday it is a special day for the 11 year olds at camp as they receive their dog
tags at the end of the Pow Wow!  They survived all of their challenges and now are
eligible for this next step. 

fdcamp2009 148

At 3:00 pm it is time for final songs at Singing Tree.

fdcamp2009 090

The flag is lowered and the end of the camp for this week
draws to a close. It is a bittersweet moment... full of lots
of memories of the week. 

fdcamp2009 158

Our staff will be back in 2014 so don't miss the FUN!

IMG_4357  IMG_4365

68th Annual Big Pow Wow
Tuesday, August 5, 7:00 PM
Franke Park

You won't want to miss this annual tradition.


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