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Salomon Farm Park
817 W. Dupont Rd.
Hours: Daily, 6:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.

Salomon Farm Park was launched in 1996 through the generous donation of land by Chris Salomon.  Mr. Salomon, his daughter Lynn, and Salomon's wife Maxine had discussed and conceived, perhaps twenty years earlier, the potential of their beautiful landmark farm becoming a historic working farm and park for others to experience.  With the assistance and grateful acceptance of the Fort Wayne Board of Park Commissioners and the Parks and Recreation Department, the Salomon family wishes have come true.  Construction on the Wolf Family Learning Center began in 2000 and was completed in 2001. Salomon Farm Camp was introduced in the summer of 2002 and sold out in its first year, leading to the 4,000 square foot expansion of the Wolf Family Learning Center in 2018.  Other recent changes at Salomon Farm Park include the Homestead dedication in 2019 and the Salomon Farm Covered Bridge in 2020.  

Salomon Drone Labeled


Salomon Farm Park is a true historic gem and a perfect location for walking, biking, bird watching, photography and much more.  The Salomon's established the farm in 1871, but visitors will notice the endearing 1930's theme.  Stop by for a visit to admire historic buildings, relax at the wetlands, or enjoy our fully paved 1.8 mile trail around the property.  Follow us on Facebook for news, updates, and announcements!    


Winter Season NEWS!

Animal interaction sm

Photo by Denny Beck

Margo, the Farm Supervisor stands behind a fence with Vincent Van Goat, a black and white long haired goat. She adjusts his neon orange collar while talking to a 3-year old girl. It is the perfect time to visit the farm and see some of our animals that spend winter on the farm.   

When temperatures are below 32 degrees F the animals are kept cozy inside, so be sure to visit them on “warmer” winter days! The three little pigs, the mini-horse, and the goat are kept in the small livestock barn near the Homestead. The chickens and ducks are near the gardens, just south of the Learning Center! For their health, please do not feed the animals!

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2021 Professional Photography Passes are here!!

Passes will be available starting January 25th as we comply with Mayor Henry’s order to keep city buildings closed. If you have a photo session between now and the 25th please contact Kellie at (260)427-6005 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Starting January 25th you can purchase a pass by calling (260)427-6000 or stopping by the Parks and Recreation main office at 705 East State Blvd (in Northside Park). Please note, passes sent via mail will not include the complimentary lanyard.

Anyone that is exchanging their photography service for money must purchase a pass. Passes are $50 per calendar year (expires 31 December) so get yours early and shoot all year long! Sunflowers are expected to be up again around September! 

Please note: Salomon Farm Park Indoor Park facilities are closed until January 25th. Please wear a face covering when 6 feet of social distancing cannot take place. Thank you!



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Photo credit: Dee Parker 

Photography at Salomon Farm

Professional Photography Pass -- $50.00 per year

(effective 2nd January 2020)

Any professional photographer that is exchanging their services for money and using Salomon Farm Park must purchase a photographer pass. Hobbyist photographers do not need a photographer pass.

We are pleased that Salomon Farm Park has become a popular destination for photography. Capturing memories for Fort Wayne residents at this gorgeous public park couldn’t make us any happier! Beautiful barns, rolling meadows, quaint gardens, and acres of cheery sunflowers make Salomon Farm Park an attractive place for photography. Passes may be purchased over the phone by calling 260-427-6000 or in person at the Parks and Recreation main office in Northside Park at 705 E. State Blvd, 46805 (entrance on Parnell Ave).  Business hours are Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm. All fees will directly support Salomon Farm Park operations.

Do you still have questions?  Check out the Professional Photography Pass FAQ's

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Photo courtesy of: Denny Beck

The period selected for the operating theme for Salomon Park is the 1930s. This era is a very significant watershed in farm life, as the 1930s represent a lengthy era of similar aspects of agriculture and domestic life. It also is somewhat unique to the "museum" genre as an era with great personal interest to older Americans as well as great opportunities for appeal, education, entertainment, and recreation for younger visitors.

Salomon Farm Park offers many exciting programs and classes for adults and children related to nature.



Photo courtesy of: Denny Beck

Salomon Farm is located on the northern edge of Fort Wayne.  From I-69, take the Dupont Road exit (#116) and head west on Dupont Road for 2.7 miles.  Salomon Farm Park is on the left (south) side of the road.  If you are coming from SR 3, turn east onto Dupont Road.  The park is on the right (south) side of the road approximately 1/2 mile from the SR 3 & Dupont Road intersection. Click here for a Park Map

Upcoming Events

Learn more about our upcoming events and programs including virtual programs, cooking classes, the Fiber Arts Celebration 2021 and much MORE!


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Animal Enrichment Hour

Check out our NEW Animal Enrichment Hour Episodes! 

Animal Enrichment Hour: Episode 2


The History of Salomon Farm Park

Salomon Farm Park is a young park, compared to some of Fort Wayne's legacy parks, but the farm itself was established in 1871! Check out this video to learn how the farm was established and how it evolved in to a public park!

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New Blogs

Salomon Farm Park Q & A with Kellie Adkins


Salomon Farm Volunteers
Salomon Farm Park is always looking for volunteers (individuals and groups) to help with activities and events at the Farm. If you are interested in getting involved, call Kellie at 260.427.6005 for  more  information. 

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Salomon Farm Covered Bridge

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The bridge runs over the babbling Beckett's Creek. It is located on the south end of the farm, in an untouched and beautiful meadow.

It is a wonderful place of peace where you can reflect on Mr. Don Wolf's "Keys to a Happy and Productive Life:

Treat others as you would like to be treated.
Be happy and have an optimistic attitude.
Think for yourself, don't be a follower.
Hoe to the end of the row, finish the job!"

(Please note, the bridge is for foot traffic only. No motorized vehicles are permitted to cross the bridge.) 


Wedding Opportunities


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Photo credit to: Lindseigh G


Rental Opportunities

The Old Barn may be reserved from May-October.  The Wolf Family Learning Center is available to rent all year long, except in June and July.  Check out the Rental link to learn more!

Salomon Farm Approved Vendor List

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Additional Information 
Salomon Farm Brochure-a basic brochure all about Salomon Farm

Be sure to visit our Salomon Farm Park Facebook page! |


Consider being a supporter of Salomon Farm Park – sponsorships can range from promoting large events to small, more personalized packages. See the Sponsor brochure information and call if you have questions!






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