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Facilities Hurshtown Reservoir Hurshtown Guidelines

Guidelines - Hurshtown Reservoir

Reservoir Guidelines

 Please Do:
  • remove your trash.
  • carry one life jacket per person in all boats at all times.
  • tilt up gasoline motors from your boat before launching.
  • be courteous to others.
  • have a good time! 

Please Don't: 

swim in the reservoir.

bring alcoholic beverages into the reservoir.  

bring pets unless they are on a leash.

use gasoline powered motors.

lose rental tickets (the daily fee will be charged).

exceed your rental time (any fraction of an hour will be charged a full hour).

overload rental boats (limit 3 persons per boat).

remove or disturb large rocks on bank - they are for ice control. 

clean fish on the premises.

disturb wildlife such as snakes, ducks, birds.


See the
Brochure for
additional information.

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