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Adult Special Interest Testimonials



Intro to Photo Editing
Really enjoyed this class-excellent communication skills-thank you. Donna C.

Harmonious Harmonica
I had a great time! Can't wait to practice and play for my grandkids.  Thank you so very much-Ken F.

Great class. Have really learned a lot about Yoga.   Jan W.
I am 73 years old and never imagined that Yoga could be so beneficial. Sue Bair instructs us through a very pleasant voice that enhances the activities. We finish each session with a new outlook physically and mentally. Jerry M.
This is an excellent class because of the instructor.  I have tried other classes and nothing compares.  Karen S.
I think this is an excellent class.  We learn and push ourselves to try new things every week.  Our instructor is very knowledgeable and fun to work with. Diedra F.

Cut, Copy & Paste
Enjoyed the class.  Genia K.
Fun class-learned what I hope to. Jane R.

Kelly is great-lots of information and a wonderful instructor. Willing to explain, patient and knowledgeable.  All of her classes are well taught. Jane R.

This class was very informative and useful mostly because of the instructors teaching ability.  I would recommend it to everyone. Great class.  Mary S.
Very informative and much appreciated opportunity to learn more about using technology.  D.M.
I really enjoyed this class, the instructor was very knowledgeable. Karl S.
I feel I have learned a lot as I have never touched a computer before.  I struggled with the "mouse" as I have a laptop but I am getting better.  Kelly has been very patient and always willing to answer questions, I will definitely take another class at a later date.  Marcella M.

Digital Photography
As always, the greatest.  Thanks Fred.  Jane T.

Line Dancing
Very enjoyable and fun! Nice teachers too! Joyce S.R.
Fun class-good exercise. Mary S.

Dance Classes
A very good instructional experience, thorough and precise instructions, courteous, and I enjoyed it very much.  Thanks for the opportunity to learn.  Lora H.
I am always so impressed with the knowledge of the instructor.  She is so versed in the subject, and makes sure we are using proper technique.  I really appreciate the detailed instruction.  I'll be back.  Susie S.
Your dance movements are good for me.  I may be too old to be good but I am looking forward to getting better. Thanks for your understanding and help.  Barbara S.

Beginning Clogging
Jim's enthusiasm and sense of fun is contagious.  He's patient with the slower dancers, encouraging to the faster ones.  It's a pleasure to be in his class surrounded by the joyous sound of other cloggers.  Jeanette D.V. 

Continuing Clogging
Jim is an incredible teacher.  His enthusiasm and happiness are contagious. Even those of us who aren't that good at dancing are kept going by his patience, willingness to repeat, and encouragement.  This has been a wonderful class.  Jeanette D.V.

Strumming the Guitar
Jim was excellent.  This was my first time holding a guitar.  I'm not very good but as a hobby it will keep me active. J.
Learning the fundamentals of playing guitar gave me an appreciation for the art.  Great class.  Todd B.

Photo Magic
It can't get any better than Fred's classes.  Jane T.
Fred Van Fossen is a superb instructor-knowledgeable, creative, and in command of his subject. Thanks Fred!  Jane C.

Cindi is an excellent teacher and communicator.  She really is interested in whether or not we understand the processes.  It is too bad that I came in last week without my brain in gear.  I know that was frustrating to her.  Helen D.

Civil War
This is the 8th class I have taken from Marshall Brinkman.  I have never been disappointed. He's the greatest.  Bill S.

Creative Writing
Very helpful and eye opening.  Good general overview of subject. MaryAnn H.

Arts and Crafts
Marilyn is a patient and extremely talented teacher. -Winnie R.
Marilyn is an excellent Watercolor teacher! I've really enjoyed this class and can't wait to take another class with her. 
-Kathy P.
Marilyn has a great knowledge of colors and their application. Phil H.
I learned a lot in Behind the Easel and had fun doing it. Eileen M.
Quilting is great and you make wonderful friends. Yvonne B.


Loved the class.  I took it with my teenage daughter and it was a great experience for both of us/Plus we made some really nice pieces of pottery that we will have to remind us of our time together.  Melinda H.

Zumba Gold

Zumba Gold is a very good class. Sally B.

Good Health

Instructor has a wonderful knowlege of the body, acupressure points, nutrition, organic foods, stretches, etc. She is an excellent teacher. Class was well worth the money. Carol S.

Writing Memoirs

I have been wanting to write for years and this gave me a chance to get started!  Sylvia J.  

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