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Preschool & Youth Programs

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Register NOW for Winter Youth Programs   We offer a wide variety of Preschool and Youth Programs ranging from arts & crafts, athletics, camps, youth centers, special events, playground programs and many more!  You are sure to find something of interest to your family.

Programs are offered seasonally.  Check out the current Fun Times to determine actual programs being offered every season. 

Programs offered during the Summer Season:
Little Sluggers T-Ball (ages 3-4) Pee Wee T-Ball (ages 4-7)
Lob Ball (ages 6-10)
Instructional Softball (girls ages 7-11) Mini Kickers: Intro to Soccer (ages 2-3) Little Kickers: Intro to Soccer (ages 3-4) Kickin’ Kids Soccer Training (ages 4-6) Big Kickers: Soccer Training (ages 6-10) Flag-Football (ages 5-11)
Volleyball (ages 7-12)
Itty Bitty Basketball (ages 2-4)  Pee Wee Basketball (ages 5-12) Youth Tennis Lessons (ages 5-18) Supervised Playgrounds (ages 5+)
Middle/High School Basketball Leagues

Lifetime Sports Academy
The Lifetime Sports Academy will be held in McMillen Park.  The  Academy features group lessons in swimming, golf and tennis for boys and girls ages 8-18. Program hours  will  be  Monday-Friday  9:00  a.m.-3:00
p.m. Watch for more details in the Summer Fun Times booklet in May or call 427-6000 in mid March for a brochure. You may register on-line or at the Department March 21-June 2 or on- site beginning June 9.

Learn to Swim Lessons
Swimming lessons are offered at Northside Pool in conjunction with the American Red Cross for boys and girls ages 1-15. Four 2-week sessions will be offered this summer.

Pee Wee/Junior Golf Tour
The Pee Wee/Junior Golf Tour is open to boys and girls ages 3-18 and consists of a series of golf tournaments at various courses through- out the summer. Tournament formats and fees vary for each event. Visit our website at www. to download schedule of events, deadline dates and registration forms beginning March 7. If you do not have inter- net access call 427-6000 and request forms by mail. Sponsored by: Pepsi and Mizpah Shriners.

McMillen Community Center
The  McMillen  Community  Center  is now open.  The facility includes a multi-use  community  center for all ages. Now available basketball,  volleyball  and  other  court  sports; a practice area for field sports, and indoor walking track, meeting rooms and other amenities. The McMillen Community Center is located on Abbott Street in McMillen Park (where Rudisill Blvd. ends just east of Anthony Blvd.)












Little Sluggers T-Ball

Little Sluggers is a non-competitive, instructional program emphasizing sportsmanship, teamwork, and fun for boys and girls ages 3-4.  Little Sluggers instruction is through demonstration and drills. Games, scrimmages, and competition are not part of the Little Sluggers program. Classes will meet twice a week for four weeks with sessions beginning in June and July.

 Pee Wee T-Ball

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 Pee Wee T-Ball is a non-competitive, instructional program designed to help young athletes (ages 5-7) develop basic baseball skills – throwing, catching, fielding, batting, and base running. Players will “scrimmage” amongst the group. Classes meet twice a week for seven weeks beginning in mid-June.

Lob Ball

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Lob Ball replaces the t-ball tee with a slow underhand pitch by a coach and focuses more on strategy and game situations. Participants (ages 6-10) should possess the basic skills of throwing, catching, hitting, and base running, and have some previous experience in an organized t-ball program. Lob Ball is a non-competitive, instructional program that will meet twice a week for seven weeks beginning in mid-June.

Instructional Softball

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 In this instructional program, boys and girls ages 7-11 will learn fielding skills, positions, batting techniques and game strategies. Pitching will also be introduced.

Mini Kickers & Little Kickers: Intro to Soccer

IMG 3474









In Mini and Little Kickers, boys and girls ages 2-4 learn to kick, trap, and pass a soccer ball while also learning basic rules and soccer terms.  One adult is required to participate with each child.  Classes will meet twice a week for 4 weeks with sessions beginning in June and July.

Kickin’ Kids

IMG 3484









This non-competitive, instructional program is designed to help young athletes (ages 5-7) develop basic soccer skills – kicking, trapping, and passing – while also learning rules of the game, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.  Classes meet twice a week for 7 weeks beginning in mid-June.

Big Kickers:  Soccer Training

Our Big Kickers program focuses more on strategy and game situations.  Participants should possess the basic skills of kicking, trapping, and passing a soccer ball while also knowing basic rules and soccer terms.  It is a non-competitive, instructional program open to boys and girls ages 6-10.  Big Kickers meet twice a week for seven weeks beginning in mid-June.


IMG 3429











 Our outdoor flag football program will focus on the basic fundamentals of football – offense, defense, passing, and throwing – as well as rules of the game, emphasizing skill development in a non-competitive environment.  The program is open to boys and girls ages 5-11.


Our volleyball program will focus on the basic fundamentals of volleyball – passing, hitting, setting, and serving – as well as rules of the game, emphasizing skill development in a non-competitive environment.  The program is open to boys and girls ages 7-12.

Itty Bitty Basketball

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In Itty Bitty Basketball, we focus on fundamental skills such as dribbling, passing, and shooting in a fun, non-competitive environment.  Each child must be accompanied by an adult throughout the program.  This program is for children ages 2-4.

Pee Wee Basketball

IMG 3548











Pee Wee Basketball focuses on fundamental skills such as dribbling, passing, and shooting, as well as rules of the game in a non-competitive environment.  The program is open to boys and girls kindergarten-5th grade. 




Little Sluggers

Awesome program and staff.  One of the gems of our dity's parks and recreation department.  We will return next year! Elizabeth B.

Great staff, great location/site very preschool friendly, creative games/activities to keep their interest and attention. Kathy C.



The learning environment was fun and friendly and the coaches were dedicated to not only the sport but to my child. Craig


We liked that they taught the kids to work together as a team and the encouragement.  Barb


Pee Wee Basketball

This program has been great for Skyler.  He has learned many fundamentals of basketball.  I have been very impressed with the staff.  Tammi V.


Mini Kickers


I was most pleased by the level of staff and their patience, energy, communication.  Neysa M.

A great way for toddlers to learn soccer! Katie G.


Daddy-Daughter Princess Ball

My daughter and I attended the Daddy-Daughter Princess Ball on Friday over at the Community Center. I have to say, I was blown away by the quality and value of the event. The staff looked to me to be working triple-time to make it a great night. It was VERY effectively run and extremely well organized, especially considering it was the first time they did it. Someone sitting at our table, commenting on how many things we got to do and how nice it was, said “We only paid $20 for this?” 

The staff really knocked it out of the park. They seemed to enjoy and be as interested in what was going on as the participants were. I was incredibly impressed and my daughter had an absolutely wonderful time. I know the other kids there did, too. The Community Center staff should be really proud of what they put on. It was a very unique thing to get to do on Father’s Day weekend, something I’m not sure anyone else in town in duplicating. 

Just wanted the boss to know how much everyone there seemed to appreciate it! John McGauley

Little Kickers


The coaches should be commended for their enthusiasm and creating such an encouraging environment. Neysa M.


Robert has never been in a sportand he loved cheering on his teammates. Jennifer


The coaches are patient and engage the kids.  It's a perfect introduction to soccer.  Michelle E.


The coaches were very fun and patient. They were good with my son.  They made it very easy for him to learn and play.  He had so much fun and learned a lot.  The coaches were beyond great, patient, and understanding with four year olds!  Tianna S.


This was a wonderful team for my son, small, personable, and fun.  Coach Cameron and Coach Chris were wonderful, patient, fun, and kind.  Angela R.
Our daughter loved soccer.  We even got a net and ball for home so she could keep playing.  I would recomment this to anyone. Courtney R.

This program was exactly what we were hoping it would be: a fun and educational intro into organized sports! Jennifer F.

This program was beyond what we expected.  It is the perfect intro to the fun of soccer!  Lauren C.

I loved the soccer program.  My boys enjoyed learning the fundamentals of soccer while the staff modeled a teamwork and perserverance. D. Koons

My child learned that soccer is great fun in an outdoor, fun atmosphere.  Andrea S.

Focus is on fundamentals, not competition, many children lose fundamentals if they are thrown into competition too quickly. Tony S.

Flag Football

Programs were a great way for our child to make new friends and build skills to play flag football.  Rocky M.

My boys had a lot of fun.  That's just as important as learning skills.  The staff was just awesome. Rebecca R.

This was a wonderful program for our son to learn the basics of flag football.  Fabulous coaches and well organized. Thank you!  Kelly R.

Great program and excellent coaches!  Sarah D.

I was very impressed with the staff!  For being high school students they did a great job of relating to the kids.  They were fun, encouraging and just all around positive role models for the boys!  To be honest...the coaches made the program.  My son loved them! Excellent job! Ally T.

The staff was amazing, and my son loved coming every Monday and Wednesday. Christie S.

Kickin' Kids

Coach Josh and his team did a great job teaching the fundamentals of soccer in a fun and encouraging way.  Nice job.  See you next year.  Kathy G.

Staff great with children. Jerome and Lolita G.

Wow, what an amazing program. Ethan loved soccer so much he counted down the days for the weekend to be over. J. Smith

I couldn't imagine a better learning environment for the kids.  A great mix of learning and fun.  Brad S.

For several years our daughter has loved the Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation soccer program.  Andrea L. S. 

Excellent program with good leadership.  I would recommend this program-Ann S.

Staff was very active and informative.  They made it a fun learning experience. Cassandra G. 

Big Kickers


My son Alfredo stated, "I learned about soccer and want to play more." PJM Rae


My son had fun.  This is a good program that can keep him active! Nan W.

Keep up the great work! Mike H.

I am very satisfied with the instruction and overall program, we will definitely sign up for another program. Debi C.

Really enjoyed the interaction from adult to child-encouragement, keeping the focus on learning and growing and fun! Jennifer C.


We really liked the fact that you provide financial assistance for lower income families and the staff was great with the kids. Eric G.

The staff was very friendly, patient, and most of all made it fun. Jen G.

Our family loved the t-ball program.  We have two girls in the program and they both are developing a love for the sport. Maria H.

Amazing program! Fantastic coaches! Great organization! Jennifer N.

Itty Bitty Basketball

Staff did a great job working with kids and making them feel welcome.  Nico T.

Raiden always wanted to show the family what he learned in class! It was fun to watch him get excited to learn.  Shawnda L. 

I have recommended this program to several parents. Laurette A.


The Parks and Recreation Volleyball program was excellent for my 9 year old.  She learned many skills and launched forward in overall confidence.  She will now be ready to participate in a volleyball league in the fall.  Thank you!  Neil G. 

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