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Weisser Center Photos


2-Juneteenth_CelebrationThe Community comes together to celebrate Juneteenth

1-IMG_0182Computer Assistance is offered

1-IMG_0178SBA is offered for all ages!

1-DSCF1265Holiday Dinner1-Jump_for_Life_21Jump for Life-topics include healthy snacks, portion size, exercise and much more!

1-MAAT_Youth_Group181MAAT Youth Group Performs after release of 1st album!


Recreation Time


Assisting with Kid's Cafe


I like the Center.  I've been coming here 3 years. Caprice B.

I like the Center because it is a safe place. Kaleb

It is very fun. Jaeme S.

I liked when we got to play pool. Tyrese A. Q.

This program helped me a lot. Alex

The Center is very helpful and changes a person's life around. Denzell H.

It helps with a lot of things.  It also teaches you to be respectful. Shairyia H.

I love coming to the Weisser Center because its really fun there.  Kaley W.

Since my daughter has particapted in your classes I have ntoiced a cahnge in her. She has become a psotiive person and is proud of herself and her heritage.  Heather J.

Very postiive and helps the youth excel.  Ms. C.

I like all programs and it is fun. Tori W.

Thanks to Jim Etlzer (second from the right)for providing this photo from the Weisser Pavilion in 1946. A lot has changed but we still have a pavilion in Weisser park along with the Wessier Center offering a diverse year around recreation program. 

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