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Weisser Center Photos



The Community comes together to celebrate Juneteenth!


Computer Assistance is offered


SBA is offered for all ages!


MAAT Youth Group performs after release of 1st album!


Jump for Life topics include: healthy snacks, portion sizes, exercise and much more! 


Assisting with Kid's Cafe



I like the Center.  I've been coming here 3 years. Caprice B.

I like the Center because it is a safe place. Kaleb

It is very fun. Jaeme S.

I liked when we got to play pool. Tyrese A. Q.

This program helped me a lot. Alex

The Center is very helpful and changes a person's life around. Denzell H.

It helps with a lot of things.  It also teaches you to be respectful. Shairyia H.

I love coming to the Weisser Center because its really fun there.  Kaley W.

Since my daughter has particapted in your classes I have ntoiced a cahnge in her. She has become a psotiive person and is proud of herself and her heritage.  Heather J.

Very postiive and helps the youth excel.  Ms. C.

I like all programs and it is fun. Tori W.

Thanks to Jim Etlzer (second from the right)for providing this photo from the Weisser Pavilion in 1946. A lot has changed but we still have a pavilion in Weisser park along with the Wessier Center offering a diverse year around recreation program. 

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