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Amazing Race 
Fall Date/Time TBA 
Community Center, 233 W. Main St.

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Interested in results by each challenge?  Download the Race #16 Individual Challenge Results 

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Amazing Race #16 Winners

1st Place Uncle Teeg & the Gerbil Donkeys (69 Points)

1st place-Uncle Teeg  the Gerbil Donkeys photo 2

2nd Place Team Must Dash (80 Points)

2nd place-Team Must Dash photo 3

3rd Place Myth Busters (81 Points)

 3rd place-Mythbusters photo 2

4th Place Team Flash Flash 100 yd. Dash (92 Points)

 4th place-Team Flash Flash 100 yd. Dash photo 2

5th Place Pink Warriors (95 Points)

5th place-Pink Warriors photo 2

Amazing Race 2017 Sponsors:
Amer Senior Comm Logo Color     ultrazoneSignature Health Care

We are always looking for local businesses to sponsor challenges either at your place of business or in one of our parks for future events. For more information call Joel at 260.427.6467.

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Photos from Past Amazing Race Events

IMG 6108 DSC02596 3


DSC_6821-ar_sci_cent DSC_6857-ar_pool_grandma

DSC_6920-ar_van_bean_team DSC_7005-ar_lakeside1_ping_pong_blow

DSC_6953-ar_arnold_girl_choc DSC_7024-ar_beth_woods_egg_carry
DSC_6989-ar_lakeside_2_baby_food DSC_6977-ar_lakeside_team


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If you have questions about the Fort Wayne Parks Amazing Race, call Joel 260.427.6467 or
e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Thank you to all of our volunteers that continue to make the Amazing Race
happen. We couldn't do it without you!!

We’re told it is just as much fun to volunteer as it is to compete in the race. Volunteers receive a free t-shirt, an invitation to the victory party, and are eligible for door prizes! 


Until the next Race...enjoy some photos to get you inspired! Or check out more photos
from previous events on-line now at:

IMG 6109IMG 6115IMG 6123IMG 6136


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