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Sec. 97.01 Establishment.
Sec. 97.02 The Board of Park Commissioners.
Sec. 97.03 Governing law.

Sec. 97.15 Hours open to public.
Sec. 97.16 Removal of benches or picnic tables.
Sec. 97.17 Littering.
Sec. 97.18 Damaging or defacing park property.
Sec. 97.19 Fastening objects to trees.
Sec. 97.20 Signs in parks.
Sec. 97.21 Possession, sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages.
Sec. 97.22 Vendor permits.
Sec. 97.23 Gambling.
Sec. 97.24 [Reserved for Future Reference]
Sec. 97.25 Reserving park facilities.
Sec. 97.26 Disturbing or intruding upon persons.
Sec. 97.27 Disorderly conduct.
Sec. 97.28 Fires.
Sec. 97.29 Owners responsible for personal property.


Sec. 97.40 Swimming.
Sec. 97.41 Lakes and Ponds.
Sec. 97.42 Outdoor Ice Skating.
Sec. 97.43 Playgrounds and play apparatus.
Sec. 97.44 Ball playing or games.
Sec. 97.45 Tennis courts.
Sec. 97.46 Golf.
Sec. 97.47 Skateboarding prohibited in certain areas.
Sec. 97.48 Model airplanes and boats.
Sec. 97.60 Dogs are allowed only on leash.
Sec. 97.61 Fishing.
Sec. 97.62 Hunting, fireworks, and firearms prohibited.
Sec. 97.63 Aviation.



Sec. 97.75 Type of vehicles allowed.
Sec. 97.76 Riding or driving regulations.
Sec. 97.77 Snowmobiles.
Sec. 97.78 Operation of non-registered motor vehicles.



Skateboarding IS allowed at Lawton Skatepark!


  • No person shall bathe, wash or swim in any lagoon or river within or adjacent to any park, if entry thereto is made from such park lands.
  • No one is permitted to swim in the city-operated swimming pools when the lifeguards are not on duty.


  • Practicing of golf is not allowed in parks and playgrounds, except at the established practice area.
  • No one is allowed on the courses without a ticket and set of golf clubs, nor when the courses are closed for the season.
  • Intruding upon a golf course that is in play is disrespectful and unlawful.


      Operating extreme sports equipment in the following locations is considered a

public nuisance and is prohibited:

  1. Freimann Square Park;
  2. Botanical Conservatory grounds;
  3. Community Center premises;


  • No person shall molest any of the fish, waterfowl or other birds or animals kept in public parks.
  • Fishing is available at Lakeside, Franke and Hurshtown Reservoir. River fishing is also available to all ages. Fishing licensing requirements of the State of Indiana apply.
  • Bow and arrow fishing and spear fishing are NOT PERMITTED.


  • No person shall be allowed to carry firearms, to shoot or throw stones at or to set snares for any wild life, animals, birds and fish within the limits of any park or within five hundred feet thereof. All parklands are wild game preserves.
  • Fireworks, firearms and weapons of any sort are prohibited in all park areas.

    Click here for additional information.




Our parks are open from 6 am until 11 pm. 11 pm is referred to as the park curfew.


  • It is unlawful to cut, break or pluck flowers or to damage or deface trees, shrubs, plants or grass or any of the buildings, fences, benches, structures or statuary within any park.
  • It is unlawful to throw stones, rubbish or other articles into any lake, pond, river, stream or fountain or on any roadway of any public park or into any park area.
  • Charcoal from BBQ grills must not be emptied on the grounds.
  • The area of the park that you use must be left clean and in a good condition before you leave.


No alcoholic beverages of any kind can be brought into a park area, consumed, sold or given away in a park except in certain select facilities. See Ordinance 97.21 or the Alcohol Special Use Policy.


No solicitation, vending, advertising or sign posting is allowed in the parks, except by special permission of the Director of Parks and Recreation.


No person shall ride or drive within any park except on the avenues or roads or at a rate of speed to exceed 25 miles per hour, or slower as posted.

  • Intentionally stopping traffic on a park drive is unlawful. In addition, it can have a detrimental impact on programs and park facilities that operate in the park and rely on the revenue generated by park patrons.
  • Vehicle parking is permitted only in designated areas, and not on the grass; vehicles are not permitted on playgrounds or picnic areas.
  • Parking of vehicles in any park area between 11pm and 6am shall be prohibited
  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited from using the multipurpose pathways in the parks or along the rivers. These paths are to be used for walking, running, biking, rollerblading and other non-motorized means of transportation.


  • Permits are issued for park pavilions at the office of the Board of Park Commissioners, 705 East State Blvd. Phone (260) 427-6000
  • Reservations may be made one year in advance for all pavilions.
  • Softball and baseball diamonds are to be used only by those having permits issued at the office of the Board of Park Commissioners or as a part of the playground schedule.
  • The person or organization to whom a permit or reservation is issued is responsible for any damage to the building, equipment or grounds.

For a complete listing of all ordinances, click here.



Personal property or equipment brought into the parks shall be at the owner's risk.


  • Patrons shall preserve the peace and quiet enjoyment of the parks by observing all ordinances and laws governing noise and amplified sound.
  • Patrons shall not use offensive language, discharge weapons or fireworks, or engage in offensive gestures or conduct constituting disorderly conduct.
  • Patrons shall not operate sound or noise-making devices in violation of local ordinances prohibiting unreasonable noise.


No person shall play, use, operate or permit to be played, used or operated, any machine or device for the producing or reproducing of sound, if it is located in or on any of the following:

  • Any public property, including any public right-of-way, highway, building, sidewalk, park or thoroughfare, if the sound generated is audible at a distance of 30 feet from its source;
  • Any motor vehicle on a public right-of-way, highway, or public space if the sound generated is audible at a distance of 30 feet from the device producing the sound.


No gathering or meeting of any kind assembled through advertising shall be permitted in any park without previous permission having been obtained from the Board of Park Commissioners.


It is unlawful to disturb any picnic in a park or intrude upon it. This includes both sound (music and other loud noise) and physical intrusion. Allow them their space. Common courtesy allows all park users to enjoy their visit. Some come to play, others to rest. Respect for all is essential.


Dogs must be kept on a six-foot, hand-held leash and be well behaved at all times. Service dogs are welcome in all areas of the parks.

  • Pets of any kind are not allowed inside park facilities.
  • This section shall not apply to dogs under the control of a competent person in a designated fenced dog exercise area (Dog Park) in a city park or portion of a city park approved and designated for that purpose by the Board of Park Commissioners.
  • You are required by law to pick up after your pet.


  • Do not litter. Help maintain a clean environment by placing trash in proper containers. Never dump or deposit trash on any parkland or in park waters. Fines for this offence can reach $2,500 (City Code 50).
  • If trash receptacles are not provided, take your refuse with you.


  • Please help keep the restrooms in a neat and sanitary condition.
  • Toilet tissue must be disposed of in the toilet and not on the floor or in containers. American sanitation systems are designed to accommodate tissue.


  • Open fires, except in fireplaces, charcoal grills and ovens, shall not be permitted in any park.
  • Fire permits may be issued for certain designated areas.
  • Portable charcoal grills and ovens are not permitted inside pavilions or under roofs thereof. In some cases, smoke sensors can be set off which will bring the Fire Department.


All persons shall comply with the signs and markers installed by the Department.



  • Park patrons engaged in disruptive, destructive or hazardous conduct may be warned and asked to stop such conduct immediately by a police officer.
  • Under circumstances where a patron's conduct is unlawful, or poses an imminent threat of injury or prevents the public enjoyment of the park or facility, the police may eject such patrons by any reasonable means, including arrest.
  • Vulgar, obscene and profane language is prohibited.
  • Adults are responsible for their minor children's actions.
  • The Noise Ordinance of the City of Fort Wayne will be enforced in City Parks. Radios, tape decks, car stereos, or other sound producing devices must be operated so as not to be plainly audible from a distance of 30 feet from the source.

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The following rules are divided into three areas and are a synopsis of the ordinance that governs usage of our parks:

Park Property Ordinances 

Personal Conduct Ordinances 

Sports Ordinances


To see the complete ordinance reference, click here.  Choose Title IX (General Regulations) on the left side and then #97.

General Information

As a park guest, you are required to follow our safety rules and observe guidelines for the respect of other park visitors.  We want you to have a safe and enjoyable visit to the park.

Please report any unsafe conditions to Police or Park Personnel:

Park Maintenance Office: 427-6400; Monday-Friday (7:30 am to 4 pm)

Police Desk Sergeant: 427-1222; (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)


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