Management Staff Listing

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Name Position Phone
Steve McDaniel Director 260.427.6000
Harlean Falls Administrative Assistant 260.427.6023
Sandra Odisho Manager-Finance 260.427.6025
Chuck Reddinger Deputy Director of Recreation 260.427.6009
Rob Hines Public Information Officer 260.427.6028
Chantell Davis Manager of Neighborhood Programs 260-427-5966
Chad Shaw Superintendent of Landscape & Horticulture 260.427.6027
Rhonda Berg Office Supervisor 260.427.6099
Kathy Pargmann Manager Lead of Marketing 260.427.6004
Sarah Nichter Manager of Information & Development 260.427.6024
Jill Bowyer Manager of Publications 260.427.6007
Patti Davis Manager of the Community Center 260.427.6465
Jason Smith Manager of Athletics & Special Events 260.427.6014
Steve Schuhmacher Deputy Director of Parks 260.427.6401
Ken Lozo Manager of Safety & Operations Support 260.427.6411
Alec Johnson Deputy Director Planning & Development 260.427.6425
Lynda Heavrin Manager of Landscape & Horticulture 260.427.6424
Michael Ayers Supervisor of Neighborhood Programs 260.427.6733
Rick Schuiteman Superintendent of the Zoo 260.427.6800
Andre Patterson Supervisor of McMillen Park Community Center 260.427.5965
Mike Gore Superintendent of Grounds & Improvements 260-427-6406
Travis Roth Supervisor of Grounds 260.427.6410
Dennis Hamilton Manager of Buildings & Grounds 260.427.6420
Eric Ummel Supervisor of Landscape 260.427.6402
Derek Veit Superintendent of Urban Forestry 260.427-6480
Robert McGuire Supv. of Forestry 260.427.6404
Linda Miller Supervisor of Business Development 260-427-6454
Thomas Hegge Supervisor of Physical Plant 260-427-6455
KayeC Jones Riparian Supervisor 260-427-6408
Daryn Schwartz Coordinator of Athletics, Aquatics & Community Events 260-427-6003
Gary Whitacre Golf Pro/Manager 260-427-6016
Nathaniel Cardelli Supervisor of Sales Operations 260-427-6444
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