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 Bringing joy and happiness through plants is what the Show is all about!   


SCFVA History

In the early 1920’s, Park Superintendent, Adolf Jaenicke, organized a program with the Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce which would provide school children with potted plants. On October 5, 1923 the Board of Park Commissioners instructed Mr. Jaenicke that “plants be propagated in our greenhouse and later be distributed among school children throughout the city.” Actual distribution began four years later.

Mrs. John Memmewisch served as the first president until 1929. During her tenure, the constitution was written specifying participation by public and parochial schools. Flower seeds were added in 1928 and vegetable seeds in 1929.

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The Park Board maintained the program through 1961 when a new organization was formed and new era had begun! Through volunteer efforts, plants and seeds were to be distributed to the children in the spring and in the fall each school was to have a flower show. All “Blue Ribbon Winners” were to be eligible to participate in a City-Wide Blue Ribbon Recognition Day Show.

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Brayden attends 1st grade at Washington Elementary and was very proud of his 1st place geranium!


More than 60 schools participate in the SCFVA program. Each year 1,000 packets of seeds are sown by participating children and the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department grows and distributes more than 19,000 potted plants.

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According to the by-laws, the purpose of the Association is to “further education in the Nature Study Theory, growing flowers, plants and vegetables, molding characteristics of worth in making citizens of the future.” We hope to continue working to improve the interest in nature that is inherent in children!

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Chairperson Information for 2022
Please check back in early 2022 for updated links. 

2022 SCFVA Booklet (Available in early January) 

School Delivery Schedule (available in the spring)

SCFVA Order Form- (pages 3 & 4)-
time to order seeds, ribbons, t-shirts, pencils and plants!  NEW: A FREE tree seedling is available for every 3rd grade student.  Make sure you check out that information on the Order Form as well.   
SCFVA Order Form-Spanish version (Note it is two pages)

If you encounter any problems with downloading any of this information, please contact Lynda Heavrin (427-6424).


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Student Information

Late spring our crews will be delivering plants to local elementary schools (K-4th grades) participating in the SCFVA program.  Children will then be bringing those plants home with care instructions and asked to grow those plants throughout the summer and bring in the next school year to their School Plant Show.    In the fall, their local school has a show where all of the plants and vegetables are judged and ribbons are awarded. The Blue Ribbon winners then go on to compete at the Blue Ribbon Show held yearly at McMillen Park Community Center.    Please contact Lynda Heavrin, 260-427-6424 if you have any questions.  

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School Children’s Flower and Vegetable Association
Flower, Plant and Vegetable Show And Blue Ribbon Show 

Hey students, remember that plant or the seeds you took home from school in April? Your school is going to have a show soon where you can bring back your cut flowers, vegetables or plant to be judged. If you win a Blue Ribbon you will be invited to the Blue Ribbon Show at McMillen Park Community Center.

Your plant died? Don’t worry, you will be able to bring in another favorite plant for judging. If you have any questions please call 427-6424 for more information.


Principal Plant

Each year the school principal is given a plant too!  We encourage the principals to show their plants at the School shows and collect their blue ribbons and then bring their plants to compete with other principals at the Blue Ribbon Show.   

City-Wide Blue Ribbon Show Information 

2022 Blue Ribbon Show

The 2022 Blue Ribbon Show is scheduled for early September at McMillen Park Community Center.  See the McMillen map for driving directions. 

Thanks to our SCFVA Executive Committee and volunteer judges who give so graciously of their time to assure the continued success of this program!  


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This program would not be possible without all of our loyal Chairpersons who put in a lot of time covering all of the details of each school show!


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 Pictured above: Blake and Jax


When Jax finished 3rd grade, (5 yrs ago) he went to Young's Greenhouse to pick out a plant.  He chose his beloved Rex Begonia, and from there his passion for plants grew!

At the school show, we had the pleasure of having the owner of that very same greenhouse, judge our school plants!  Jax was over the moon to show him the same plant after all these years!  The day he picked out that plant, Blake the owner, talked to Jaxson and offered him a job.  We shared this story with him yesterday, and again he said he'd love to have him.  To some, it's just a plant show, but for our family it's so much more.

We're so proud of our growers, and all those that support them.  Great Job!      Jessica S. 


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