We will be hiring and having openings in many different areas of the Park operation next spring/summer.  Check out the video and listen to the JOBS PODCAST to learn about the variety of job offerings that we will feature.  If you are looking for a job right now, check out the city link to see what is featured at this point: 


Pop-up type of events around Fort Wayne we will be attending: 

Disabilities Expo (May 14 from 10 am-3pm) at the Coliseum
Fiber Arts at Salomon (May 14/10 am-5 pm)
Community Extravaganza at McMillen (May 14/12-4 pm)
Others will be listed as they are added


Heading to a Job Pop Up event?

Please plan to bring a minimum of one government issued photo ID to complete the hiring process.  If possible, please bring additional forms of ID as identified below as they will be required prior to starting work.

ID in one of the following combinations listed

  1. Original Passport OR
  2. Original Driver’s License and Original Social Security Card (or Birth Certificate)  OR
  3. Original Voters Registration Cards and Original Social Security Card OR
  4. Original School ID Card with Photograph and Original Social Security Card (or Original Birth Certificate) OR
  5. Original Federal, State or Local Governmental Picture I.D. & Original Social Security Card (or Original Birth Certificate) OR
  6. Original Military Dependents I.D. Card & Original Social Security card (or Original Birth Certificate)

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Select jobs posted now and others being posted weekly!



Jobs available in 2022 - Current Openings

Job List Flyer

Check out the Jobs Flier with additional information about the seasonal jobs being offered including information on jobs for 16+ year olds! 


Recreation Center Leader (Seasonal) - Jennings, Cooper, or Weisser Center

Recreation Center Leader (Seasonal) - McMillen Center



Aquatic Center Manager

Pool - Head Lifeguard

Lifeguard (16+) 

Pool Staff (Non-Certified) 16+



Camp Assistant Supervisor - Botanical Conservatory

Camp Counselor - Franke

Camp Counselor - Salomon Farm

Camp Counselor - PODS



Hurshtown Attendant

Program Coordinator - Salomon Farm

Rental Coordinator - Salomon Farm



Captain - Sweet Breeze

Deck Hand - Sweet Breeze

Docent - Sweet Breeze

First Mate - Sweet Breeze



Lifetime Sports Academy Coordinator - Golf

Lifetime Sports Academy Coordinator

Lifetime Sports Academy Coordinator - Tennis

Pre-School/Youth Instructor (16+)

Pre-School/Youth Site Supervisor

Pre-School/Youth Coordinator

Tennis Instructors



Supervisor - Clubhouse

Assistant Supervisor - Clubhouse

Golf Cashier/Starter (16+) 

Golf Course Maintenance



Special Events Coordinator - Riverfront Programs

Rental Coordinator - Riverfront Programs



Maintenance Seasonal - Botanical Conservatory Facility

High Ranger Operator

Maintenance Seasonal - Forestry

Maintenance Seasonal - Horticulture

Maintenance Seasonal - Facility

Maintenance Seasonal - Grounds Maintenance

Maintenance Seasonal - Operations Support


Ready to Apply?  Select jobs posted now and others being posted weekly!


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