Welcome to the Fort Wayne Regional Trails Network!  The network consists of more than 105 miles of multi-use trails in the Greater Fort Wayne Area and it includes more than 75 miles of interconnected trails.  These trails provide recreation, health & fitness and active transportation opportunities for residents and visitors alike!  Our trails see over 60,000 trail users a month during the summer months.  So choose your mode of non-motorized travel and explore the trails!  By all means, Walk All Over Us! Below are several of the key trails within the network.

Looking for a specific trail?  Use these quick links to access a specific trail or scroll down to view all of the trail descriptions.

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Current Fort Wayne Regional Trails Network:  Map

Trail Development Status Report (November)

The Fort Wayne Area Trails Network consists of more than 105 miles of trails and it continues to expand!  The trails displayed on the regional trails network map are open and available for trail use.  The map provides a good understanding of where the trails are located across the Greater Fort Wayne area.  Scroll down to take a closer look at some of the individual trails within the network.

If you have a specific question about the trail network, contact us via phone (260)427-6228 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Salomon Farm T3 Family

Rivergreenway Map

The Rivergreenway Trail is a 25 mile long linear park in Fort Wayne and New Haven, Indiana. It is the backbone of a growing network of trails in the Greater Fort Wayne area. The trails run along the riverbanks of the St. Joseph, St. Marys and Maumee Rivers, connecting to 15 city parks and providing trail users with a unique and protected green space for recreation, fitness, conservation and active transportation.

Check out the Rivergreenway webpage for more information about this trail.

Towpath Trail Map

Officially called the Wabash & Erie Canal Towpath Trail because of the historic transportation route it follows.  This trail is commonly referred to as just the Towpath Trail.  It is 5.5 miles from Rockhill Park to the Lutheran Hospital campus, weaving through beautiful neighborhoods, scenic marshlands and near areas of commerce.  The pivotal trail created a bike and pedestrian connection between the Aboite Trails and the Rivergreenway, providing more than 60 miles of connected trails within the trail network.

Towpath Trail Roger BJ BikesTowpath_Trail_Kids, Fort Wayne Trails


Aboite Trails Map

Explore 18 miles of trails in southwest Fort Wayne on the Aboite Trails.  Trailhead parking areas include the Towpath Trailhead at Engle Road and Statesmans Way and also at the Indian Trails Park Trailhead on Aboite Center Road and Westlakes Drive.  The Aboite Trails provide a challenging workout for trail users because of the hilly environment.  With the completion of the Towpath Trail in 2011, trail users in southwest Fort Wayne are now connected with more than 60 miles of interconnected trails across the county, including trail access to downtown.

Aboite Trails Lady Runners Dog 2008, Fort Wayne Trails, Running

Pufferbelly Trail Map

Future Pufferbelly Trail Corridor       Pufferbelly Trail from Lawton Park to Franke Park

Currently 2.25 miles of the Pufferbelly Trail have been constructed: 1 mile from Wallen Road to Dawsons Creek Blvd and 1.25 miles from Dupont Rd to Carroll Rd.  Eventually, this trail will extend from the northern edge of Allen County south 13 miles where it will connect with the Rivergreenway in downtown Fort Wayne.  The Pufferbelly Trail is one segment of a State Visionary Trail that will ultimately be 80-miles long, running from Pokagon State Park in Angola to Ouabache State Park in Bluffton.

In 2017-2019, the City plans to construct 2.5 miles of this trail from downtown Fort Wayne north to Fernhill Avenue with a trail spur connecting to Franke Park and the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo.  The name "Pufferbelly" is derived from the historic nickname for a steam locomotive. To learn more about the Pufferbelly Trail, explore the Pufferbelly Trail Brochure.

Pufferbelly Trail Bikes Bill Adams, Fort Wayne Trails

Salomon Farm Loop Map

This 1.65 mile loop on the City’s north side is situated at Salomon Farm Park at 817 W. Dupont Rd.  It is our most heavily used trail within the network.  It typically sees an average of 550 trail users per day during the trail season.  The loop follows the perimeter of the park’s property and passes by the Parkview YMCA.  This loop provides a great setting for walks and runs that are both short and long. In addition, the Salomon Farm loop connects to the existing .9 mile segment of the Pufferbelly Trail on the east side of the park by the Parkview YMCA entrance.

Randallia Trail 2013

Randallia Drive Trail

The Randallia Drive Trail stretches from St. Anne’s Retirement Center to Lake Avenue.   By constructing the new sidewalks, repairing some existing sidewalks and creating a trail along the east side of Randallia Drive, neighborhood residents in the area will have more connectivity to the Parkview Hospital Campus, the Mark Slen Trail on the Parkview Campus, the medical offices and the Veterans’ AdministrationHospital on Lake, as well as connectivity to the Rivergreenway via sidewalks along Pemberton Drive.


Future Planned and Proposed Trails Map

There are miles and miles of planned and proposed trails in the Greater Fort Wayne Area!  It will take many years to build all of the trails featured on this map.  The planned trails, featured in brown on the map, are the priority trails that will likely be built before the proposed trails that are featured in green on the map.

Future Planned Trail: The Cougar Trail Map       

The planned .82 mile Cougar Trail will start from the existing Yarnelle Trail, located along W. Jefferson Blvd. near West Swinney Park and it will proceed north along the abandoned rail corridor to the University of Saint Francis (USF) campus.  The trail will utilize the abandoned railroad bridge across Main St. where it will proceed along the eastern side of Leesburg Rd. Once the trail crosses the railroad tracks near the USF Rolland Art Center, it will then cross to the western side of Leesburg Rd where it will connect with the existing USF trail network. Future plans will extend the Cougar Trail from USF to the Lindenwood Nature Preserve, Buckner Park and the Aboite Trails. The future Cougar Trail will also connect to the existing Rivergreenway and Towpath Trail via the Yarnelle Trail.

Cougar Trail Future Bridge, Fort Wayne Trails



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