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General Information

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Since its inception in 1946, Franke Park Day Camp has provided unforgettable childhood experiences for thousands of Fort Wayne area youth. With its strong emphasis on nature education, basic camping skills and Native American Lore, Franke Park Day Camp provides an environment which fosters cooperation, problem solving and socialization as well as the dirty, muddy, outdoor fun kids of all ages enjoy!

Franke Day Camp was presented with a Citation for Excellence from the Alfred Adler Institute of Fort Wayne in 1996 and is the Fort Wayne Park and Recreation Department's longest running children's program. In 2011 Franke Park Day Camp celebrated the 65th Anniversary Year (1946-2011).

  Description of Programs

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4-5 Year Old Program
A thematic approach exposes participants to the concepts of seeds and plants, trees, animals, and Native Americans in this pre-camp experience. 

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6-11 Year Old Program

Nature education, basic camping skills, and Native American culture are emphasized in the 6-8 and 9-11 year old programs.  Campers enjoy a wide range of activities including hiking, fire building, outdoor cooking, swamp study, nature walks, arts and crafts, Native American rituals/dancing, games, mud sliding, etc.   


Advanced Camper Program

The Advanced Camper program is open to individuals 12-18 years of age who wish to be Junior Leaders (12 years) or Counselors-in-Training (13-18 years).  The program
involves day camping, overnight camping, Native American Lore, basic camping skills, canoe instruction, nature education, ecology, conservation, camp and community service projects, social activities and assisting the Franke Park Day Camp staff with everyday duties.  

Safety Guidelines

We are very committed to the safety of the children who attend Franke Day Camp.  Please review our Safety Guidelines.   


Meet the Supervisor

The Franke Park Day Camp supervisor is Chris Freehill.  Chris is returning for his 38th year on staff and his 25th year as the camp's supervisor.  He has many fond memories of his own childhood summers at Franke Park Day Camp.  Chris teaches fifth grade at Forest Park Elementary School.  

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Camp Cookbook

For those of you who are curious (or may have an allergy issue) about what we serve at camp, check out the following list for all of your favorite camp recipes:

Tin Foil Stew    
Ingredients - Hamburger, Potatoes, Carrots, Celery, and Onions  (Salt, Pepper, Chili Powder, Ketchup, Mustard To Taste After Cooking)    

Wrap Ingredients Into Aluminum Foil    

Cook Approximately 10 Minutes On Fire Coals On Each Side  (Cook Hamburger Thoroughly)  

Pork And Beans    
Ingredients - Pork And Beans, Brown Sugar, Ketchup, Mustard  (Chili Powder, Garlic Powder To Taste After Cooking)    

Warm Ingredients In A Large Pot On Fire Coals  

Ingredients - Hotdogs, Bisquick  (Ketchup And Mustard To Taste)    

Cook Hotdog Until Done Over Fire Coals    

Wrap Bisquick Mixture Around Hotdog    

Cook Pig-In-A-Blanket Over Fire Coals Until Bisquick Mixture Is Golden Brown  

Cheese Toastie    
Ingredients - Cheese, Bread, Butter    

Grill Cheese Over Fire Coals Until Golden Brown On Each Side


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For More Information

Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation, 427-6000 



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