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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Parks Street Trees

Street Trees

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Street Tree Information

Basic Tree Information

52 separate geographical sections

Each pruning section is pruned once every 8 years

This systematic pruning assures the trees are maintained in a safe and healthy condition

Our Foresters will look for and remove:

Limbs that hang low over the street or sidewalk
Limbs that brush against buildings, street lights, traffic signs and signals
Dead or weak limbs
Congested interior branches
The benefits from this pruning are many:

The trees will be healthier and better able to withstand wind and ice storms
The trees will be safer from vehicle damage
The trees will be less likely to cause property damage
The trees become stronger

Our Forester may do an emergency pruning or other urgent tree work on a case-by-case basis following an inspection.  Often times, these issues can be deferred to the planned pruning cycle program.  Storm damaged trees receive top priority that will be addressed outside the pruning cycle.

Private tree companies work under contract for the City do the majority of the city's street tree pruning.  They are required to follow tree-pruning guidelines developed by the National Arborist Association.  These are the accepted standards of the Tree Care Industry.

Check out additional resources:
CPP5501651950's City workers cleaning up after a tree removal

Information about power friendly trees is now available.

What is the drought impact?  Check out The Drought Impact article.

How Trees Can Retain Stormwater Runoff

Citizen-Match Tree Removal Program

Citizens who have a dead ash tree on public property in the right of way and aren't currently on the Ash Removal List  may hire a bonded and insured contractor to cut down their tree. The City will reimburse the applicant a percentage of the cost. Follow these 2013 instructions for Ash Tree Removal carefully and review the 2013 Citizen Ash Removal Reimbursement Specs., then submit this 2013 Ash Tree Removal Application   

2014 Street Tree Application Program

The Parks & Recreation Street Tree Application Program has been expanded.  You can now submit the 2014 Application for a fall 2014 planting.  Learn more....

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