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Street Tree Application

Tree Planting

Whether you are desiring to plant one tree or multiple trees in the public strip in front of your home or a neighborhood representative wanting to plant trees in the entire neighborhood, we appreciate your desire to improve Fort Wayne. Individual home owners, please complete the form below. Neighborhood Representatives, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , 260-427-6400, to discuss this further. We want to ensure trees are planted where they are wanted, so adjacent property owner involvement is really important to the success of neighborhood planting projects.

Your Information

Your new shade tree(s) will have a 2-inch diameter trunk and be from 8 to 14 feet tall, depending on the variety. Tell us what varieties you think would grow best, look best, and coordinate best with other trees on the rest of your street. The attached list names trees we can plant which are sturdy, long lived, disease resistant, and beautiful. You should make your request from that list. The City Arborist will consider your request on the species you choose and make the final decision on what species will be planted. The City reserves the right to deviate from your request if the City Arborist finds it to be inappropriate based on survivability or appearance, but we will let you know if this is necessary.

Tree Placement No-No’s

We want to make sure your new tree(s) are placed so it/they will not become a nuisance in the future. Please check your request against the following list to see if there might be a potential problem. We cannot plant trees under this program in the following situations: • On private property. We can plant only public property. • Under utility wires. • In a park strip with less than 5 feet of grass or planting area. • Within 40 feet of an intersecting street, alley or commercial driveway, or within 15 feet of a residential driveway. • Within 40 feet of the trunk of another nearby tree on the street or in an adjacent yard (this is somewhat flexible). • Within 10 feet of a street light, fire hydrant or traffic signal pole. • Within 3 feet of curbs and/or sidewalks in poor condition.

Application due not later than July 1 for a fall planting.


Please note that City funding shortfalls may not allow approval of all applications.


There will be a $50.00 application fee per tree. The fee will be due after you receive an approval letter.



Suitable Trees for Fort Wayne Streets

Trees planted along Fort Wayne’s City streets must be “good neighbor” trees. Some trees are better neighbor trees than others. “Good neighbor” trees have root systems that reach deep but do not invade sewer systems. They grow quickly, but have good, strong branch structures that are resistant to storm damage and that are capable of having their lower branches removed so people can walk and drive under them. “Good neighbor” trees do not drop large quantities of messy seeds, fruit, bark, twigs, and leaves through the growing season. To ensure the trees have a long, healthy life, the best trees are naturally disease and insect resistant, and are tolerant of salt laden snowmelt, compacted soils, air pollution, and other urban stresses. If that is not enough, “good neighbor” trees must be beautiful in their form, autumn color, and other ornamental aspects. The City’s experts are trained to identify potential problems for each planting location and will offer the best recommendation possible for the most appropriate tree for your situation. The following list includes of some of the best varieties of the hardiest trees for planting along our city streets. The trees list below is a list of trees that we approve to be planted in the city right of way. The availability of each species differs from one season to the next.
Please enter the words you see in the box, in order and separated by a space. Doing so helps prevent automated programs from abusing this service.
If you have trouble submitting the form, please check above for problems in red.

Please note, any applications received after July 1 will be considered for the next year's planting season.

Prefer to mail the form in? Download the form for completion and mailing.

docStreet Tree Application (Microsoft Word) pdfStreet Tree Application (PDF)

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