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Indiana's First Boundless Playground 

Taylor's Dream Boundless Playground 

The playground is located off of N. River Road, inside Kreager Park. Click here for directions.


Boundless Playgrounds is the leading nonprofit developer of truly inclusive playgrounds where children of all abilities gain the important developmental and physical benefits of unstructured play. 


“This playground is even better than I imagined, and I know it’s because so many people worked together to make it a reality,” said Reuille. “Now my friend Mallory, who was my inspiration for this playground, can play with all the other kids. No one has to sit by the sidelines and feel left out anymore.”


The Alpha Pod, designed for younger children (2 – 5 years), provides opportunities for parallel play, group and solitary play. It also encourages role playing, socialization and creative, imaginative play.


The Beta Pod, designed for children of all ages (2-12 years), provides an intriguing, multi-sensory themed play area featuring a fossilized T-Rex skeleton, which is part of Playworld Systems’ Origins™ line, for exploration.  Playworld Systems’ NEOS® 360, is the world’s first outdoor electronic play system that promotes competition and teamwork among all age groups. NEOS delivers a workout comparable to jogging or a game of soccer by combining the movement of aerobic exercise with the speed and dexterity of video games.


The Gamma Pod, designed for older children (5 – 12 years), offers broader opportunities for parallel play, group and solitary play. It also encourages role playing, socialization and creative, imaginative play. Motion is an important aspect of play in this area. The Aero Glider, a multi-user rocker, accommodates two wheelchairs, has a true 60” turning radius on the glider platform and has handholds and footholds on the back sides.

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“Taylor’s vision was the key catalyst behind this project, a vision that was embraced by our community to ensure this day would become a reality,” said Director Moll. “This grand opening celebration is a way to thank the hundreds of people who contributed their time and treasure to Taylor’s Dream Boundless Playground.”

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After Taylor’s Dream won the Pepsi Refresh Challenge, the playground was awarded $70,000, $40,000 made possible by CVS/pharmacy, as part of their All Kids Can program and $30,000 from a Pepsi Refresh grant. Fort Wayne’s Boundless Playground was adopted by local CVS/pharmacy and Pepsi employees through the Adopt-a-Playground program. Employees clean the playground three times each year. For more information on how community groups and organizations can adopt a playground, visit Adopt A Playground

On a Boundless Playground all children can be in the middle of the fun. There are nearly 200 Boundless Playgrounds in 31 states and Canada, with dozens more under development.

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