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Facility Reservation Contract

All groups or organizations desiring to use the Rivergreenway for a special event or activity must obtain a Special Events permit from the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department. Please call (260) 427-6000 to request such a permit.

Where can the trails take you?

If you're planning to visit Fort Wayne, why not leave the car behind? Our trail system can lead you to these points of interest:


St Marys Foster Park Runner 

Personal Safety Tips

  • Don’t wear headphones or ear buds so that you can hear other trail users approaching;
  • Walk or run with a friend or a dog;
  • When you see other trail users, make eye contact and verbally greet them;
  • Have a cell phone with you;
  • Make sure someone knows where you will be and when you will be returning;
  • Be aware of your surroundings and of other people around you.
  • Know where you are! Addresses are not always easy to locate along the trail system, so we recommend downloading the what3words App which can help you communicate your location quickly and easily with family, friends, and, if needed, emergency personnel. 

Download this list of Trail Safety Tips too!

  • A city ordinance forbids the use of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs on the Rivergreenway/Park property.
  • All motorized equipment is prohibited except maintenance and emergency vehicles and motorized wheelchairs.
  • Use caution and obey traffic signals.
  • Be cautious on pathway curves and underpasses.
  • Please do not mark on the path for running or walking events. Contact the Greenways Program Manager at 427-6228 for free use of signage for your event.
  • Bicycles must yield to pedestrians.
  • Watch for obstacles on the trail. Natural obstacles such as tree branches, rocks, wildlife and washouts may occasionally exist. Contact 260-427-6228 or 311 to report hazards.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash. Animal waste must be removed from the trail.
  • Do not litter.
  • Please keep to the right so faster moving people and bicycles can pass on your left.
  • No horses on asphalt/concrete trails.
  • Heavy rains, particularly in the spring, may flood portions of the Rivergreenway, making these sections temporarily unusable. Visit our Trail Closures webpage for up-to-date info regarding closures, construction, and other hazards.
  • Always carry a cell phone for emergency use.
  • Respect private property that adjoins the trail.

St Joe Ext Dan Cooper
Tips for Bicyclists

    • Check out the following link for additional tips: Rules of the Road
    • Remember that these routes are designed for recreational bicycling, not racing. 
    • Lock unattended bicycles.
    • Where the trail shares the road, please follow vehicular traffic laws.
    • Ride on the right side of the road or path.
    • Wear bright, easily visible clothing.
    • Wear a helmet.
    • Use a bell or other sounding device when overtaking slower bicycles or pedestrians.
    • Use lights and reflectors between dusk and dawn (please note, the Rivergreenway is open from 6 am-11pm daily).
    • Use hand signals when turning.
    • Yield to traffic at intersections and when entering traffic.
    • Make sure your bicycle is in good working condition

Bike Racks

As our trails continue to extend throughout our community and while additional bicycle infrastructure is planned, the demand for bike parking has also increased. This Bike Rack guide provides businesses and organizations with an introduction to bike racks and the preferred styles, as well as considerations for installation.

Rivergreenway Public Access Points to the River: 

  • St. Joseph River- 2 points: Upstream of the dam in Shoaff Park and downstream of the dam in Johnny Appleseed Park.                    
  • St. Mary’s River- 1 point: Guldlin Park east of Sherman St. bridge and north of Michaels St. (DNR public  access).
  • Maumee River- 2 points: North River Road Trailhead & Boat Ramp (across N. River Road from Kreager Park) and just east of N. Anthony Blvd along Niagara Drive.


Graffiti on the Rivergreenway

The Anti-Graffiti Network has been serving Fort Wayne and Allen County since 1993. If you encounter graffiti on the trail, please call their hotline at (260)449-4747. They have found that the quicker the graffiti is removed the better as it lessens the chance of it happening again.

St Marys Foster Park Family Walk


  • "I believe in Fort Wayne the trails are at a point now that many inner-city trips normally accomplished by car can be replaced with a bike and I want as many people to join me in this to make Fort Wayne a more pleasant place to live. It can’t be understated how much healthier it is, how much greener it is, and how much more money-savvy it is to bike for commuting." - Jonah U.

  • "When I was considering relocating and purchasing a home, recent trips to Fort Wayne showed how beautifully the city had blossomed under its renaissance. Two crucial features that helped me decide to move to Fort Wayne were its extensive trail systems and its dedication to preserving as many natural areas as possible. As the owner of a rambunctious Labrador Retriever, the miles of Greenways and trails were a major plus and helped me to pull up stakes in Ohio and call Fort Wayne home!" - Hope W.
  • “My husband and I each lost 50 pounds (100 total!), with most of those calories burned along the trails, walking our dogs and jogging.“  - Debby R.
  • "As the broker/co-owner of a local real estate company, I can tell you that the trails have become a big differentiator for many clients in choosing their next home.  Here is a case in point: a couple with 3 children was transferred to Chicago from Fort Wayne when the trails were being planned and constructed. They missed Fort Wayne and wanted to come back. They had not yet sold their home in Chicago so they decided to move into a temporary home in Aboite quickly and live there until they sold their home in Chicago. This new home was in a neighborhood on the Aboite Trails. This is a two-career couple so the fact that their children could get to after-school practices on their own was huge for these working parents. Now when they go to buy their permanent home,  the first requirement they gave us is that it MUST be right on the Fort Wayne/Aboite trails system. They will not look at any homes that are not on the trails. And their children love the independence and fun of getting themselves to and from practice with teammates." - L. Reecer

  • I visit many cities and usually look for trails to ride or walk. Many have small sections of trails but I have not found a better trail system than what we have in our own backyard. I travel to bike shops all over the region and take rides with the staff at each.  Your trails are way better than most larger cities.  Fort Wayne is ahead of the game. Jeff B. 
  • "I have been enjoying cycling on the Rivergreenway for some time now and I just love it. It is such a great asset to our community and I believe it will provide as yet unknown benefits to the greater Fort Wayne area. It is always a pleasure to see people out jogging, cycling or just strolling along the river enjoying nature or someone else's company." David H.
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