• Traditional Sunday night rock concerts moved from Freimann Square to Lawton Park.
  • Nuckles Memorial dedicated at the site of the old Hayden Park.
  • Hurshtown Reservoir opened.
  • Moncrief consultant team engaged to assist with implementation of Moncrief Management Study. A Marketing Manager was hired to work with the Moncrief Team.
  • Banquet and meeting rooms at Conservatory completely remodeled to be more functional for group use.
  • Terrace Garden at Botanical Conservatory dedicated. The Terrace Garden was developed with $500,000 from Foellinger Foundation.


  • Park Foundation funds used to purchase Lindenwood Environmental Study Area from Lindenwood Cemetery.
  • 10th anniversary of Senior Citizens Center.
  • Design firm contracted to evaluate swimming pools and provide concepts for remodeling.
  • Department received $111,000 from Land and Water Conservation Fund and Indiana Waters grants for further Rivergreenway development.
  • Department study by Dr. Louis Moncrief completed. Department characterized as "park driven". Recommended Department take steps to become more "market driven." Report include departmental reorganization.
  • Department reorganization plans (recommended by Moncrief study) were completed and partially implemented.
  • Staff formed marketing teams and received marketing education.
  • Strategic Marketing plan for Department was completed with aid of UPARR grant.
  • $2.8 million Australian Adventure opened at Fort Wayne Children's Zoo.


  • Department reorganization completed.
  • Department adopted marketing philosophy and mission statement.
  • Hosted the Annual Indiana Park and Recreation Association annual conference.
  • Franke Day Camp was extended to include 4-5 year old children.
  • Rivergreenway link between West Swinney and Foster Parks funded by LWCF grant.
  • Master plans developed for Shoaff, Franke, Maumee and Buckner Parks as well as Johnny Appleseed Campground, Foster Gardens and the four city pools.


  • Department adopted new logo.
  • Traditional Sunday evening free rock concerts were discontinued due to volume and traffic problems.
  • Park Foundation provided funds to purchase 16 acres north of Shoaff Park and two parcels on Goshen Road south of Franke Park.
  • Miner Center closed after 20 years of operation and leased to Boys and Girls Club for their use.
  • Prehistoric Giants exhibit featuring life-like robotic dinosaurs visits the Children's Zoo.
  • Swinney Skateboard Center opened.


  • Centralized, computerized registration system put in place.
  • Conservatory designated a plant rescue center for the USDA as part of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).
  • Bridal Glen dedicated in Foster Gardens.
  • Received $3 million bequest from Gail Kreager estate with stipulation that it be used within 5 years to develop at least 50 acre park to be named after him.
  • Superintendent of Conservatory and Horticulture position created.
  • The Fort Wayne Zoological Society began working with Dr. Richard Tenaza of the University of the Pacific and the Indonesian Government to set aside a reserve on the Mentawai Islands to help save five species of endangered primates.  
  • Fort Wayne Children's Zoo hosted the Great Lakes Regional Conference of the American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums.
  • Zoo celebrates 25th anniversary.
  • Forestry Division initiated comprehensive street tree maintenance program whereby trees are trimmed in a strategically planned order, one section of the city at a time.
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