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Memorial Program Information 

Add to the beauty of your favorite park or trail and honor a loved one simultaneously with the help of our memorial tree donation program. Choose a tree from our approved list with either a deed to commemorate your donation or a memorial stone placed near the tree with your message.

The new tree will have an approximate 1.5” diameter trunk and be approximately 6-8’ tall, depending on the species. The attached list names trees we can plant which generally have high availability, are sturdy, long lived, disease resistant, and beautiful. Please make your request from that list. The Landscape Supervisor will consider your request on the species chosen and make the final decision on what species will be planted based on site conditions, availability, and/or appearance. You will be contacted before planting if a species that differs from your choice will be used. View Approved Memorial Tree List 

Not all parks and/or areas of parks are open to the tree memorial program. Aside from these areas, customer preference will be considered. However, the Landscape Supervisor will make the final decision on the location. You will be contacted before planting if a different location must be used.

Applications are due by July 1st so trees can be planted between October and December of that year, weather permitting. Applications received after July 1st will be planted the following fall planting season.

Memorial Trees have a 5-year replacement guarantee. If a tree should die within 5 years of its planting date, please notify the Landscape Supervisor, and it will be replaced the following planting season.

Tree with Deed: A parchment Memorial Deed bound in a padded portfolio will be provided to the donor as a permanent record of this special tree’s location and significance. The deed provides GPS information to locate the tree. The tree donation with a deed is $500. View Order Form for Memorial Tree with Deed

Tree with Marker:
Should you choose the marker option with the tree, the permanent dedication marker is made of polished light gray granite. The stone markers (6”x12”x4”) are set into the earth so the surface is flush with the ground. The exposed surface is 6” x 12”, with the inscription sandblasted into the granite. The inscription may be up to three lines with 16 spaces per line. Symbols are not permitted. The tree donation with a marker is $700. View Order Form for Memorial Tree with Marker

Memorial Bench:
Perhaps there is a specific area in your favorite park or trail where you find yourself lingering and wishing for a seat. You could turn that wish into reality by donating a park bench. The Parks and Recreation Department’s Landscape Supervisor will assist in choosing the location of the bench.  The bench will be 6’ long, black in color, with cast-iron legs and a rubber-coated slat-style seat and back.  It will be mounted on top of a 7’x4’ concrete pad. A permanent dedication stone marker (6”x12”x4”), made of polished light gray granite, will be embedded into the concrete pad when it is poured. The exposed surface is 6” x 12”, with the inscription sandblasted into the granite.  The inscription may be up to three lines with 16 spaces per line.  Symbols are not permitted. The bench donation is $2,500.   View  Order Form for Memorial Bench

Questions about the Memorial Program? Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department’s Landscape Supervisor (Eric Ummel, 260-427-6402).



The rose gardens of Lakeside Park have a national reputation as an All-American Rose Selection (AARS) and are beloved by the citizens of Fort Wayne. Yet in the past few years, the park has lost more than 300 rose bushes due to the very cold and wet winters and springs. Donations are now being accepted to benefit the Lakeside Rose Garden. If you are interested you can download the Memorial Rose Order form and submit with your check or money order.

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