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2023 Testimonials

Thank you, Vicki, and Liz for a great week- Carter's Mom 

Salomon Farm camp is terrific! - Judis Boham

Great program! - Heather Bowlin

3-years of coming to this camp! My kids loved it! - Stephanie D. W. 

The meet/greet with parents was a nice event. My son enjoyed us around and telling us all that he’s learned- M.D 

I hope to sign my son Luke Eddy up to be a CIT (he’s 15). He has a ‘mild cognitive disability” diagnosis. He was a CIT at Franke Park Day Camp last year. They sort of had one of their other CITs ‘look after’ him as his buddy, just to show him the ropes, and make sure he’s meshing in with everyone. I get concerned for in new situations like this, but there are more and more programs these days that are inclusive for kids with special needs which is awesome! He does really well with knowing the plan or schedule for the day, and what is coming up next! He does great when given a responsibility that he feels comfortable with and knows it's his job. It really builds his confidence. Vicki said he absolutely could be a CIT and there are even some spots still open for this year so I may look into that! I would love to possibly talk with a staff member about if he could be ‘paired: (just til he’s comfortable) with another CIT or camp counselor. Thanks for a great week! - Naomi Eddy (614-638-4826) 

Such a great camp experience! Our daughter has loved every day! -Mary Brown

This was our first year and my kids can't wait to come back. The staff has been wonderful. -Natalie Woolf

Thank you, this is a family favorite every summer with the animals and staff -Chris Bauer


Testimonials from previous years:

My 5 year old son loved Farm Camp! This was his first year and on the first day he asked to come back next summer! Laura
This is a great beginner camp for your child's first time at camp!  Everyone is friendly and welcoming! Isabella
This year I have a son in FIT and a daughter in the CIT programs. They love this camp because of all the time spent outdoors, creek time, animal time, etc. and it's very organized structure with flexibility.  We've always been impressed with the counselors too!  Lots of positivity and healthy fun.  Janet
Farm Camp has been an enriching and educational part of our kids' summers for the past two years.  We have nothing but great things to say and can not wait for next year!  Jenna

Our kids loved learning about and taking care of the animals, the tractor rides, outside games, and playtime, and just being on the farm! -Jaime M.

We can’t say enough good things! My kids came home with stories, sharing about the animals, crafts they made, and new games! They’re only sad it has to end. -Stacy L.

Both of my kids really enjoyed Farm Camp this year! My daughter attended 2 years ago and said this year was much better! I personally loved how easy drop off and pick up were! The car line was way more efficient than walking my kids inside! I would love to see photos of our kids involved in activities during the week! I think this would help promote the camp in the future! -Jessi R. 

My son has really enjoyed this week.  This is the first year he has done it and he is already asking about next year-great camp well run.  Sahara T.

Jac said "I really loved camp a bunch! I really loved the counselors too, they were really nice! Joy C.

Chris Salomon truly gave the city of Fort Wayne a gift with giving his farm-children are able to experience life like many of their forefathers did, but they will not-it is a true blessing to our community. Monica L.

This camp was a wonderful experience that will stay with my daughter for years to come. Jennifer H.

Farm Camp gives our children life skills on a safe and beautiful farm close to home and without anything "plugged in", thank you.  Rebecca E.

It is fun and you get to do a lot of fun things.  My favorite part was taking care of the animals-especially the little white chicken that is not Rex. (Emma)

My 4 yr. old son really enjoyed the morning camp.  It was great, he got to pet goats, bunnies and even learned about bats, his favorite was the mud puddle day, it was really good. Patricia R.

I love this program.  I travel all the way from Illinois just to do it. Rebecca K.


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