MOWING Schedule:

Our Mowing Crews will be mowing the following locations throughout the week.

June 20-June 24:


Monday- Holiday

Tuesday- Franke, Gren, Harris Rd., Hamilton, Franklin, Bloomingdale, Guilden, Vesey, Moody, McCulloch, Miner, Bass, Packard

Wednesday- Swinney, Boone, Roosevelt, Camp Allen, Sears, Bluffton Rd., Waynedale Gardens, Lindenwood, Rockhill

Thursday- Psi Ote, Study, Foster, Tillman, Casslewood, Kettler, Brewer, Lafayette, Reservoir, Weisser

Friday- McMillen, Turpie, McCormick, Rea, Seiling, Hanna Homestead, Brackenridge, Bowser, Memorial


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