Our parks are open from 6 am until 11 pm. 11 pm is referred to as the park curfew.


  • It is unlawful to cut, break or pluck flowers or to damage or deface trees, shrubs, plants or grass or any of the buildings, fences, benches, structures or statuary within any park.
  • It is unlawful to throw stones, rubbish or other articles into any lake, pond, river, stream or fountain or on any roadway of any public park or into any park area.
  • Charcoal from BBQ grills must not be emptied on the grounds.
  • The area of the park that you use must be left clean and in a good condition before you leave.


No alcoholic beverages of any kind can be brought into a park area, consumed, sold or given away in a park except in certain select facilities. See Ordinance 97.21 for additional information. 


No solicitation, vending, advertising or sign posting is allowed in the parks, except by special permission of the Director of Parks and Recreation.


No person shall ride or drive within any park except on the avenues or roads or at a rate of speed to exceed 25 miles per hour, or slower as posted.

  • Intentionally stopping traffic on a park drive is unlawful. In addition, it can have a detrimental impact on programs and park facilities that operate in the park and rely on the revenue generated by park patrons.
  • Vehicle parking is permitted only in designated areas, and not on the grass; vehicles are not permitted on playgrounds or picnic areas.
  • Parking of vehicles in any park area between 11pm and 6am shall be prohibited
  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited from using the multipurpose pathways in the parks or along the rivers. These paths are to be used for walking, running, biking, rollerblading and other non-motorized means of transportation.


  • Permits are issued for park pavilions at the office of the Board of Park Commissioners, 705 East State Blvd. Phone (260) 427-6000
  • Reservations may be made one year in advance for all pavilions.
  • Softball and baseball diamonds are to be used only by those having permits issued at the office of the Board of Park Commissioners or as a part of the playground schedule.
  • The person or organization to whom a permit or reservation is issued is responsible for any damage to the building, equipment or grounds.

For a complete listing of all ordinances, click here.

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