We’ve all spent time in the parks on a hot day enjoying the shade from the tree cover above. Trees in parks are just always there and we don’t give them much thought, taking them for granted. Sometimes we’ll see a dead tree or a stump from one that’s been recently cut, and we don’t think much of it because there are so many others around.

Enjoy Fall Bird Migration at Lindenwood

Throughout the second half of the year, millions of birds all across North America flock together and migrate south.  Some species take specific paths to certain regions, and others make a broad shift to wherever food is more available.  Early fall is a great time in Indiana to witness a large variety of birds passing through that we don’t get to see all year round, (as well as early spring when they travel back north).  

The Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department is inviting citizens to participate in the Citizen Match Tree Planting Program. The Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Forestry Team is responsible for maintaining our publicly owned urban canopy, comprised of almost 50,000 street trees located along nearly 1300 miles of roadway and 20,000 trees found within our 87 parks.

Throughout history, we have used chalk to communicate with one another: to teach and learn, to draw and color, to build and plan, and to change those plans when necessary. We have placed our regular programs on hold for the summer, but found inspired ways to keep them alive through engaging installations.

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