Management Staff Listing

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Name Position Phone
Steve McDaniel Director 260.427.6000
Harlean Falls Administrative Assistant 260.427.6023
Sandra Odisho Manager-Finance 260.427.6025
Chuck Reddinger Deputy Director of Recreation 260.427.6009
Rob Hines Manager of Development 260.427.6028
Chantell Davis Manager of Neighborhood Programs 260-427-5966
Chad Shaw Superintendent of Landscape & Horticulture 260.427.6027
Rhonda Berg Office Supervisor 260.427.6099
Kathy Pargmann Manager Lead of Marketing 260.427.6004
April McCampbell Manager of Communications 260.427.6024
Jill Bowyer Manager of Publications 260.427.6007
Patti Davis Manager of the Community Center 260.427.6465
Jason Smith Manager of Athletics & Special Events 260.427.6014
Steve Schuhmacher Deputy Director of Parks 260.427.6401
Ken Lozo Manager of Safety & Operations Support 260.427.6411
Alec Johnson Deputy Director Planning & Development 260.427.6425
Lynda Heavrin Manager of Landscape & Horticulture 260.427.6424
Michael Ayers Supervisor of Neighborhood Programs 260.427.6733
Rick Schuiteman Superintendent of the Zoo 260.427.6800
Andre Patterson Manager of McMillen Park Community Center 260.427.5965
Mike Gore Superintendent of Grounds & Improvements 260-427-6406
Travis Roth Supervisor of Grounds 260.427.6410
Dennis Hamilton Manager of Buildings & Grounds 260.427.6420
Eric Ummel Supervisor of Landscape 260.427.6402
Derek Veit Superintendent of Urban Forestry 260.427-6480
Riley Hollenbaugh Riverfront Programs and Events Manager 260.427.6248
Robert McGuire Supv. of Forestry 260.427.6404
Nathaniel Cardelli Conservatory Manager 260-427-6444
Linda Miller Supervisor of Business Development 260-427-6454
Thomas Hegge Supervisor of Physical Plant 260-427-6455
KayeC Jones Riparian Supervisor 260-427-6408
Daryn Schwartz Coordinator of Athletics, Aquatics & Community Events 260-427-6003
Gary Whitacre Golf Pro/Manager 260-427-6016
Eden Lamb Manager of Salomon Farm, Outdoor Recreation & Boating 260-427-6008
Gilbert Young Supervisor-Horticulture 260-427-6448
Tim Byers Manager of Foellinger Theatre 260-427-6018
Webmaster webmaster
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