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While the City of Fort Wayne is proud to maintain a robust trail system, connections to outside municipalities are just as important! There are several groups/agencies working on trail development besides the City of Fort Wayne and the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department.


The City of Fort Wayne works closely with the non-profit trail group Fort Wayne Trails, Inc.  They are focused on promoting a healthy community by advocating, planning and fundraising for our rapidly growing trail network. Fort Wayne Trails, Inc. can be reached via phone at 260-969-0079. You can visit the Fort Wayne Trails, Inc. website here
.  You can also find them on facebook and Instagram at “Fort Wayne Trails”.


Fort Wayne Trails, Inc (the non-profit) is often confused with the City of Fort Wayne. Under the City Administration, Trails and Greenways are managed by a 2-person staff housed within the Public Works Division. The City is responsible for planning, building, and maintaining the trail system. Fort Wayne Trails, Inc. works closely with the City and other municipalities to promote, fundraise for, and assist with planning for trail projects as well as advocating for trail use.

New Haven Parks and Rec

The New Haven-Adams Township Park & Recreation Department opened their Community Trails Project in New Haven along the Trier Creek (ditch) and the Maumee River in 2006.  The section is 3 miles in length and part of the Rivergreenway. You can access this trail at the North River Road Trailhead & Boat Ramp and head East to New Haven or pick up the trail in New Haven's Moser Park and venture west on the trail. Recently, they have also expanded their trail system to include trails along Landin Road.  For more information about New Haven's Trail system, please call the New Haven/Adams Township Parks & Recreation Department (749-2212) or visit their website

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The Allen County Highway Department has expanded their trail network to include miles along Bass Road, Union Chapel Road, Dupont Road, Amber Road, Eggeman Road, Carroll Road, and the Pufferbelly Trail north of Carroll Road. Allen County also worked with Three Rivers Horse Trails and the City of Fort Wayne to commission a public horse trail at 5617 E Paulding Road. Questions regarding Allen County trails should be directed to Fort Wayne Trails, Inc. at 260-969-0079. 


Huntertown is also providing important connections within its community with trails along Gump Road, Carroll Road, and connections to the Huntertown Family Park. They were also involved in the expansion of the Pufferbelly Trail north of Carroll Road. 


The Northeast Indiana Regional Coordinating Council, or NIRCC, is a voluntary organization of regional governments that collaborate on regional projects, including trail projects. NIRCC is not limited to municipal boundaries, so they are often heavily involved in large, multi-county projects, like the 81-mile Poka-Bache Connector. NIRCC serves as a valuable partner to not only the City of Fort Wayne, but many of its neighbors.


Fort Wayne is lucky to have many great partners, with more coming to fruition everyday as Leo-Cedarville, Grabill, Monroeville, Zanesville, and Woodburn also look to add trails to their communities. As the exciting prospect of the 81-mile Poka-Bache Connector comes into view, partnerships expand even more with connections stretching through 4 counties and touching 7 cities and towns. With trails expanding all throughout the State of Indiana, the Hoosier state is setting itself apart as one dedicated to all of the benefits that trails provide.


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