Park Rules and Regulations

Yes vending permits are available.  For additional questions about vending permits, please call 427-6000.

on Thursday December 04 by Christopher Campbell

The police should be called when any vandalism is being committed.  The desk sergeant can be reached at (260) 427-1222.
on Friday December 05 by Christopher Campbell

You may walk your dog in any city park as long as your dog(s) is on a leash.  By city ordinance, dogs are not allowed in public parks unless on a leash. You must also pick up any dog excrement. Pawster Park Pooch Playground is located in Foster Park West on Winchester Road, just off Bluffton Road.  Camp Canine is located in Johnny Appleseed Park. Both facilities are owned and operated by the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department.  Yearly passes are available at the Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department (260-427-6000) . All dogs (except female dogs in heat) are welcome subject to the rules and regulations.  Dogs must be on a 6’ leash until safely inside the playground enclosure (corral).

on Friday December 05 by Christopher Campbell

By city ordinance, open fires are not permitted in any park
on Friday December 05 by Christopher Campbell
You may bring portable charcoal grills or gas grills to the park as long as you keep them outside of all pavilions and shelters.  If they are taken into the shelters they will likely set off a fire alarm and the Fire Department will arrive at the site
on Friday December 05 by Christopher Campbell

Bleachers are assigned to designated areas and will not be moved
on Friday December 05 by Christopher Campbell
The only tables and chairs the Park Department has are assigned to specific buildings or facilities.  They may not be removed or reassigned on a temporary basis
on Friday December 05 by Christopher Campbell

Unless specifically exempted by the governing city ordinance, it is strictly prohibited to consume, sell or provide alcoholic beverages in city parks.  This ordinance is strictly enforced.
on Friday December 05 by Christopher Campbell
Historically we can and do experience freezing temperatures through mid-April. Turning water on at unheated restroom facilities could cause damage to water lines causing unnecessary repairs.  Water is turned on in the spring on an as needed basis for certain facilities (i.e. golf courses, ball diamonds, soccer fields, etc.).  The remaining facilities are on a turn on-turn off schedule determined by the use of the building
on Friday December 05 by Christopher Campbell
A public campground is available at Johnny Appleseed Park and this is the only designated place for camping at this time
on Friday December 05 by Christopher Campbell

The following swimming rules and regulations have been established by the park board to insure your health, safety, and enjoyment while swimming.

   A soap and water shower is required.

2.   Clean, dry suits are required. Infected skin such as boils, acne, ringworm, athletics foot, or breaks of any type in the skin automatically prohibits your use of the pool. Pool personnel have the authority to regulate whether or not participants enter the water.

   Running, pushing, dunking, loud vulgar language will not be tolerated. Smoking is not permitted in the pool area.  

4. Articles such as face masks, fins, beach balls, glass bottles, portable radios, etc. may not be brought into the pool area. “Rain checks” are not issued.  

5.  Only one person on diving board at a time and one bounce. The Parks and Recreation Department is not responsible for valuables left in the basket, dressing rooms, or any lost or stolen articles.  

6. No toy floats or balls are allowed in a pool. Skateboards are not allowed on pool deck.  

7. Swimmers may wear U.S. Coast Guard approved life vests in the shallow end of the pool, as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Food from the concessions may only be eaten in a roped off area.  

8. Failure to comply with any of the above rules and regulations is cause for dismissal from the pool.

In addition you can check out the Cooler Rules for information on the quanity and type of food you may bring into the pool ares. 

on Thursday December 04 by Christopher Campbell
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