June 21, 2017
For Immediate Release
Contact:         Natalie Eggeman (260-427-6028)
Public Information Officer

Fort Wayne, Ind. – The Fort Wayne Park Foundation, Inc. is pleased to announce its support of Promenade Park by raising funds for the construction of the Fort Wayne Park Foundation Compass Pavilion. With generous contributions from area foundations and individuals, the Foundation raised $1,000,000 which was generously matched with $500,000 from the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne. In addition, the Park Foundation pledged $150,000 from its unrestricted endowment funds to support the project.

The Compass Pavilion is inspired by the city’s industrial past – steel, Indiana limestone and wood, materials used to build Fort Wayne. These resources are used in multiple ways throughout the park. The Compass is the apex, with a dramatic roof that points due north, leading the way to a new era in downtown Fort Wayne. The Pavilion will be the anchor venue for Riverfront events and programs which center around the three themes of Riverfront engagement: arts and culture, nature, and recreation. It will be a community space where memories are created. The Pavilion will also be available for rental opportunities, including corporate meetings and weddings.The Pavilion will feature large overhead doors that can be raised to connect the inside and outside in times of good weather, or closed to provide shelter on an inclement day. The inside will seat approximately 150 people and outside a pergola canopy called “The Porch” will accommodate an additional 150 people. Visitors will be able to sit and read or watch the activities onsite from a great location on the St. Marys River.

“The Park Foundation is excited about the endless opportunities for enjoying the waterfront and downtown that Promenade Park will bring to the community,” said Park Foundation President Kathy Callen. “The Park Foundation is committed to supporting not only Promenade Park, but all of the 86 parks in our treasured park system, and will faithfully continue to raise and steward donor funds.”

“The Park Foundation has always been extremely supportive of our park system,” said Parks & Recreation Director Al Moll. “We’re pleased and excited that they chose to invest in the Compass Pavilion. It will be one of the most eye-catching features of the park and it’s appropriate that the pavilion named after the Park Foundation will house the donor wall.”

The Fort Wayne Park Foundation was founded in 1973 as the charity of record for Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation (created in 1905 by the Indiana State Legislature and continues to be a branch of City government). Through the years, these two organizations have worked hand in hand to preserve the City’s green spaces, create a lasting legacy for the citizens of Fort Wayne and Allen County, and provide free and affordable leisure opportunities for all ages.

Membership to the Park Foundation is open to all city and Allen County residents, 18 years of age or older. For more information about the Park Foundation, please visit www.fortwayneparks.org. Full resolution renderings of the pavilion can be downloaded at www.riverfrontfw.org.

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