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Fort Wayne Dragon Boat Races

Riverfront Fort Wayne and Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation are now planning the 5th Annual Dragon Boat Races (August 2 & 3, 2024).  See below to learn more about how you can be involved!

Check out Parking Options at Visit Fort Wayne.

Dragon boat races


Learn MORE about the upcoming Dragon Boat Races!

Read the Dragon Boat Races blog for more insight and a brief itinerary of what will be happening Saturday and Sunday!

Check out the Team Registration brochure or the Sponsorship & Registration brochure....and join the FUN!

Make sure to read the Summer Events at Promenade blog to learn more about this awesome event!


   Dragon Boat Sponsor Packet 2024                                  Team Registration Brochure 2024                     

 Dragon Boat History

Dragon Boat Racing is a rapidly growing sport that combines rich Chinese traditions, competition, team building exercises, and fun. Often, dragon boats are emblazoned with bright colors, dragon scales, which includes a dragon head and tail. Typical dragon boats are 46’ long and feature 20 paddlers, 1 drummer, and 1 steersman. During the course of the race, the job of the drummer is to keep an effective beat in order to synchronize the paddlers. Races are usually between 200-2000 meters and can last up to 10 minutes. 

Many of the traditional Chinese elements are still practiced today, such as beating of the drums and throwing rice into the river. A common practice for many Dragon Boat Race opening ceremonies includes a practice known as “Awakening the Dragon”. Before each race, the dragon eyes are dotted. It is believed that once the eyes are dotted, the dragon will come to life. We are fortunate to have the opening ceremonies performed by the Fort Wayne Chinese Friends and Family Association.

Dragon Boats sponsors

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NEW this year.....our DRAGON!  The dragon will be featured as a backdrop for team photos!  Get ready TEAMS....see you SOON!

2023 Dragon Boat Team winners are featured below:


 2023 Rankings Gold Steel Dynamics1 sm

2023 Rankings Silver CFFA sm


2023 Rankings Bronze Halls sm



2023 Rankings 4 LincolnFiancialGroupsm



2023 Rankings 5 FWPRDsm



2023 Rankings 6 YLNI sm



2023 Rankings 7 PicklesCafe sm



 2023 Rankings 11 FWCityUtilities Revisedsm



2023 Rankings 9 Homesteadsm2



2023 Rankings 10 SteelDynamics2sm2



2023 Rankings 11 FWPRD McDonaldssm2

2023 Race Results

The 2023 Race Results are now available.   

2023 Event Photos

Enjoy some photos below from the 2023 Fort Wayne Dragon Boat Races! event.  Be sure to follow us on social media to see additional photos and information.

Photos will be added this week!  Check back often.


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2022 Event Photos

Enjoy some photos below from the 2022 River, Set, Go! event.  .



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IMG 0955


 IMG 0972


 IMG 1011


 IMG 1020

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  IMG 1146






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