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Don't miss these features of the Playground

The playground’s accessible features include equipment like an “Aero Glider” rocking platform that can accommodate two wheelchairs, elevated play areas with ramps, restrooms with button-activated doors, and drinking fountains with drinking bowls for service dogs.


The "Aero Glider" rocking platform can accomodate two wheelchairs.

This new Cozy Cocoon is great for children with Autism. 

The drinking fountain is both wheelchair and pet friendly!


To activate the Splash Pad press the red button.




Taylor's Dream Boundless Playground is named for an 11-year-old girl who brought the idea of a Boundless Playground to the City. Taylor's Dream honors Taylor Reuille and her many friends who have raised funds and worked with the Parks & Recreation Department to plan this outstanding feature. The 42,000 square-foot playground opened on June 10, 2011.  Read more about Taylor's Dream by checking out the Boundless Playground Detailed Information .

Fort Wayne's Boundless Playground at Kreager Park has three pods of playground equipment (Alpha, Beta and Gamma) and activity areas, a sprayground, accessible ramps and walkways, a picnic pavilion and accessible parking. Landscaping adds to the sensory experience of the facility as does the multiple types of surface used in the various pods, including sand, poured-in-place rubber, mulch and natural turf. 

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Taylor's Dream Boundless Playground Top Rated

Taylor's Dream Boundless Playground rated Top 50 US Playgrounds by the Early Child Education Zone blog.

June 10, 2011  Grand Opening


Mayor Tom Henry, Taylor Reuille, and Parks & Recreation Director Al Moll dedicated Taylor’s Dream Boundless Playground in Kreager Park on June 10, 2011. The event commemorated the long-awaited grand opening of Indiana’s first Boundless Playground. Joining the celebration were numerous financial supporters, residents and representatives from Boundless Playgrounds,CVS/pharmacy, PepsiCo, Turnstone, League for the Blind and Disabled, Playworld Midstates, YMCA, AWS and Easter Seals Arc.

  IMG_2494        IMG_2498
Fred Leone, CEO of Boundless Playgrounds    Rob Marshal from CVS (left) and Dale Baldwin from Pepsi

August 17, 2010 Press Conference

Taylor Reuille and Director Al Moll

April 15, 2010 a Press Conference

On April 15, 2010 a press conference was held to announce that $1.1 million has been pledged to this $1.4 million dollar project.  Dr. John Crawford announced his contribution of $27,000.  Read more...

September 30, 2010 Ground breaking
12grndbrk001Ground breaking photo from September 30, 2010
Thanks to Pepsi and CVS for $70,000 towards this project!

2grndbrk001Thanks to all who continue to make this "dream" a reality!
Check out more: Boundless Press Conference

August 21, 2008 a Press Conference

boundless20press20conference201 boundlesspressconference

On August 21, 2008 a Press Conference was held to kick off this exciting and dynamic project. The above photos are from the press conference.

Contribute to the Boundless Playground Fund
and Watch the Dollars Grow!


We were all inspired by Taylor Reuille and her dream to see a playground where all kids could play together, regardless of any physical or accessible abilities. The playground is now a reality, and now we are continuing that dream with the Boundless Playground Endowment.

Imagine another pod of activities, extra play equipment not found anywhere else, more picnic areas and shade structures – all these things will be made possible with the Endowment. Donations will help to provide more fun and more play opportunities for young and the young-at-heart.

For more information, contact Rob Hines at 260-427-6026 or Steve McDaniel at 260-427-6000. Gifts are tax-deductible and should be made out to the Fort Wayne Park Foundation.


Thanks to the First Fleet Vehicle Service's Fort Wayne Service Center for their donation of $2000 for the Boundless Playground.  The First Vehicle Services employees live, work and play in the Fort Wayne area and they are honored to support this great project.
“Dreams do come true. Thanks to the Land and Water Conservation Fund, English, Bonter, Mitchell Foundation, the Fort Wayne Park Foundation, the AWS Foundation, CVS/pharmacy, the Downtown Optimist Club of Fort Wayne, Pepsi, Dr. John Crawford and the hundreds of individuals, foundations, civic groups and corporations who are helping to make Fort Wayne a more open and welcoming community.” 

--Mayor Henry


Pictured above, Al Moll, Former Director of the Fort Wayne Parks &
Recreation Department with the Optimist President Ruth Hammer
and longtime board member Melvin Schott.A special thank you to the Optimists Club of Fort Wayne
for their $40,000 gift toward the Boundless Playground


Taylor's Dream Boundless Playground was the dream of an eleven year old girl, Taylor Reuille. Her dream took three years of hard work from dedicated people near and far. This facility has the prestige of being the first Boundless Playground in Indiana. Taylor's Dream: Boundless Playground had its Grand Opening on June 10,2011.

Before and After

Alpha_before  Alphafter

beta     betaafter
gammeb4   gammaft
Splash Pad
splashb4   splashaft

Construction Updates and Photos

May 26, 2011

compressed_equipment_2Equipment1C Equipment_3_C

All of the equipment is in and the crew is putting the finishing touches on the landscaping.SAM_0471__CThe Neos is an interactive sound and light game. splashpad_CThe splash pad located in the center is ideal for hot days. Large blue canvas, (seen in the back-ground) is used throughout the playground for shade.

   Slides_C   Too_much_fun_C 
 Two of the slides were installed  specifically for children with 
 cochlear implants. The regular plastic slides create static 
 and interfere with the implant. To avoid overheating, shades 
 will be placed over the two slides.
May 6, 2011

The Alpha play equipment is installed, Beta play equipment is 90% and Gamma is 80%. We should be complete with the equipment this week and the Neos will be installed the beginning of next week.

The safety surfacing sub base is complete and stone is 80% complete in the Alpha pod. They will continue to install the stone base this week weather permitting.

The rubber cushion course will be blown in next week with the synthetic safety surface grass following. 

The Splash pad is complete and waiting for water to be turned on and tested.

Just got our most recent update from our contractor yesterday afternoon.  We are scheduled to reach substantial completion for Site Work on May 25.  Right now we are about 80% complete for our Site Contract.

All sidewalks and patios are done.

Restroom building is having fixtures installed and getting painted.

The parking lot will be receiving its final top coat of asphalt in a week.

Rain gardens are being dug this week.

The colored sail shade structures, benches, and picnic tables will be installed in two weeks.

Landscaping will be installed in two weeks.

March 22, 2011

The earthwork is 90% complete – preparing the area for the three pods, splashpad, restroom, parking, etc. The plumbing, sewer, storm water and electrical needs are nearly complete. The restroom facility will be finished next month when the weather is warm enough to paint. 

One-third of the hard surface work (asphalt and concrete) was finished before winter hit, and the rest will be completed in the coming months. Of course, this all depends on the weather – rain and snow will delay construction. 

The playground equipment and safety surface will be the last things to go in. The safety surface is a synthetic grass that is very sturdy, and has four inches of cushion below to make it a perfect playground surface.


The bathroom facility being built.


Earthwork preparing the site.

All of the old playground equipment is being relocated.
12grndbrk001September 30, 2010



  Boundless Perspective Map  

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