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Pickleball courts at McMillen Park Community Center!


Pickleball is similar to badminton and tennis. It involves playing on a court with the same dimensions as a badminton court with a hard paddle and perforated, plastic ball (whiffle ball). It takes very little instruction with most people able to play a regular game on their first day.  Drop in fee at McMillen Community Center: $1. Days/times may occasionally be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control.

Indoor Pickleball Play

Courts available 
Monday - Friday, 9 am-12:00 pm
McMillen Park Community Center, 3901  Abbott Street

Admission to the building is $1 per person. Use of the courts is free. Photo ID required.

Please wear your tennis shoes.

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Photo op from an Active Aging Week Pickleball Tournament at McMillen Park Community Center

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New Outdoor Pickleball Courts Added

On October 11th the department officially opened 30 new pickleball outdoor courts bringing the total to 36 outdoor and 6 indoor courts.  See the Pickleball flier to learn more about the locations and number of courts. Interested in learning more?  Check out the press release.

Pickleball courts


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Pickleball is often compared to badminton, ping pong and tennis, with its own set of rules. Here are some features of Pickleball: 

  • Played indoors or outdoors
  • Badminton-sized court, with net lowered to 34 inches
  • Played with perforated plastic ball (like whiffle ball)
  • Wood or composite paddle twice the size of a ping pong paddle
  • Easy to learn, but can become fast-paced, competitive game

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For more information check out:

Fort Wayne Pickleball Association: http://www.fwpickleball.com

Pickleball rules/USA Pickleball Association:  www.usapa.org

Pickleball strategy: www.PickleballCoach.com

See the press release: Pickleball Press Release 

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