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rookview Parkway 

Size in acres: 16.8

Since 1917   

Brookview Parkway is a linear park located in between Eastbrook and Westbrook Avenues running along Spy Run Creek from Vesey Park to Clinton Street. For more detailed directions check out the General Park Map,  or Brookview Parkway Map 


Brookview Parkway is owned by Public Works but has been maintained by the Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department since 1917.   This Parkway and Brookview Neighborhood was designed by landscape architect Arthur Shurcliff, who also designed the Wildwood Park Neighborhood. The parkway was included in the design of the Brookview neighborhood and land was given to the city for park purposes.  

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There are areas to access the creek and enjoy the wooded landscape.  It is a beautiful drive along the park as well.

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