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Size in acres: 23.8

Since 1908

Lakeside Park is located at 1401 Lake Avenue. For more detailed location information, check out the General Park Map or Lakeside Park Map 

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Lakeside Rose Gardenssm



  • 1908 Land for this 23.8 acre landscape was purchased.
  • 1911 Excavation for lagoons began.
  • 1916 A refectory pavilion is constructed.
  • 1921 Superintendent of Parks Adolphe Jaenicke designs the sunken gardens.
  • 1925 An Italianate sunken garden and pergola are built.
  • 1928 the garden was named a National Rose Garden.
  • 1928 Tennis courts are installed

This Red-tailed Hawk was seen watching people play basketball at Lakeside Park! Photo credit: Chuck Milledge


The uncredited 1912 master plan for Lakeside Park is likely the work of renowned landscape architect, George Kessler, who designed the Park and Boulevard Plan for Fort Wayne the same year.

Throughout the park walks connect to the nearby street grid. Historic photographs reveal ornate furniture and flowerbeds. Four lagoons, both natural and excavated, are featured in the original plans, along with serpentine paths, a curvilinear drive, and bridges leading to islands in the lagoons.


Additional Historical Information available:

Read more about the Reconstruction of the Sunken Gardens ... 
Read more about local history including Lakeside Park by Randy Hater, Fort Wayne Reader.



Scroll down for more information about our park features:


lakesidep1 lakesidep2 lakesidep3 


Lakeside Pavilion #1
Location: 1401 Lake Avenue

Capacity: 72

lakesidep5 lakesidep6


Lakeside Pavilion #2
Location: 1401 Lake Avenue

Capacity: 80
For more information, check out the pavilion page.

Basketball Court

Lakeside Basketball Updates

 A basketball court is available for use. The court is located near the playground and Lakeside #1.

Tennis & Pickleball Courts

 Lakeside Pickelball 4

The park now features one tennis and six pickleball courts.



Lakeside playground 1 Updates

Playgrounds for toddlers on up through pre-teens are available near Lakeside #1.


Floral Display/Rose Garden

The sunken gardens were originally created at a cost of $17,500. More information on the Rose Gardens and reservation information can be found here.

 Lakeside statue Updates


Lakeside Park Little Free Library

Lakeside Library Tree 2

Creating a new Little Free Library was thought of by Nicole as a dedication project for a co-worker, Josie, who celebrated 20 years of service with the Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department.  This truly was a team effort involving maintenance techs (constructed the library out of a tree), gardeners (carved out rotting wood and planted flagstone and the flower bed around the tree), Nicole‚Äôs painting skills as well as a neighbor girl who donated her time and stenciled the flowers and butterflies that are now present at the library.  Another neighbor donated the window.  The Lakeside Little Free Library has been in operation since the fall of 2019.  Stop by the Little Free Library the next time you are near Lakeside Park and either pick up or drop off a book of your choosing!  


Walking Path

Lakeside people in the park updates

 A walking path circles around the park providing a nice loop for walking and enjoying the park. The path is a little over half a mile in length


Lakeside fishing 2

Fishing is permitted in Lakeside Pond with an appropriate license; all state regulations apply.

For additional information, check out: Fishing Guide & Regulations.

Lakeside Pond is part of the DNR's urban fishing program called Go FishIN in the City .
Check out the site for more information on the program, including future
stocking times and special fishing opportunities.

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Lakeside Memorial

Lakeside memorial dedicated to those who made the supreme sacrifice in World War 2. 

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