Miner Playground  

Size in acres: 1.8

Since 1973

Miner Playground is located at Miner Street and Dewald Street.  For more detailed location information, check out the General Park Map  or Miner Playground Map 


In 1964 the Park & Recreation Department leased open space at on Miner Street between Walnut and Poplar streets for a basketball court from Helen O'Connor. O'Connor Construction closed its office and the entire property was put up for sale.  In 1971 the Department leased the entire property for 15 months with an option to purchase and the rental fees to apply to the purchase price if the option was exercised. In 1972 the Park Department exercised its option to buy. The purchase price was set at $35,000.  In 1971 Miner Community Center opened on this site.  In 1989 Miner Community Center closed after almost 20 years of operation and was then leased to the Boys & Girls Club. Since that time the former Community Center property has been sold.

Located one block north of the former Miner Center is Miner Playground. In 1963 The Board of School Trustees authorized the old Miner School property be transferred to the Park Board for playground purposes.  Since that time this playground has been used by countless children.

This playground features multiple slides and other amenities as well as a swing set.

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