McCulloch Park  

Size in acres: 4.1

Since 1864

McCulloch Park is located at the intersection of Broadway and Parkview.  For more detailed location information,
check out the General Park Map,  or McCulloch Park Map 


McCulloch Park was acquired from Hugh McCulloch, a Fort Wayne resident and treasury secretary under Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant.  The donated land was used as a public cemetery until those buried there were relocated to Lindenwood Cemetery for reasons of sanitation.  McCulloch Park features a historic bandstand and the memorial grave site of Indiana's seventh governor, Samuel Bigger.  Governor Bigger remains in his original resting place because he had no family to authorize a reburial.

Today: Every Saturday morning during the summer, McCulloch Park gets used for a farmer’s market which lines the walks with tents filled by local vendors providing products from around the region. The park is also surrounded by the former General Electric Company campus which is currently the site of the adventurous Electric Works construction project. Former Indiana governer, Samuel Bigger’s grave and William Polke’s grave marker can be found, along with a monument commemorating former General Electric employees who served in WWI.



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McCulloch Gazebo

McCulloch Park has a beautiful gazebo for visitors' enjoyment.


McCulloch playground

A playground is available for children to use.


McCulloch table

There are several picnic tables available for use at the park.

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