Playground   Basketball court

Camp Allen Park  

Size in acres: 3.5

Since 1912

Camp Allen Park is located at Camp Allen Drive and Center Street.  For more detailed location information, check out the General Park Map  or Camp Allen Park Map 


Before its purchase in 1912, Camp Allen Park was a rendezvous point and training ground for Union soldiers during the Civil War.  One of those regiments, the Thirtieth, was commanded by Colonel Sion S. Bass, one of Fort Wayne's most famous Civil War heroes.  Camp Allen takes its name from Colonel John Allen, an attorney, close associate of famed American statesmen Henry Clay and a distinguished soldier who fought in the Fort Wayne area during the War of 1812.

Camp Allen features a playground with slides, teeter totters, a swing set and a climber in the north section of the park and a basketball court in the south section.  

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