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Franke Park 3411 Sherman Blvd.

Size in acres: 339.4

Since 1921

Franke Park is located at 3411 Sherman Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN, 46808. For more detailed location information, check out the General Park Map or Franke Park Map

A Look Back in Time

Are you curious about the history of Franke Park?  Check out the above video or read about the History of Franke Park here!   


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Franke Pavilion #1   

Capacity: 296  




Franke Pavilion #2                       

Capacity: 128               




Franke Pond Pavilion 

Capacity: 70

More information is available on renting pavilions. Read more on the pavilion web page.




Nestled in the midst of Franke Park is Shoaff Lake. A serene body of water, the lake is home to fish and birds of all types. Fishing is allowed with appropriate licenses.


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There are plenty of opportunities to play on the playground in Franke Park.

Natural Open Space/Trailsing 

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Walking/hiking trails run all through Franke Park. Several clearings and natural open spaces are scattered throughout the wooden areas.

To view a map of some of the multi use trails in Franke Park check out: Trail Map
Note, these trails are maintained by the 3 Rivers Velo Sport Bicycle Club and are intended for everyone to enjoy. Please wear a helmet.

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Foellinger Theatre

The Foellinger Outdoor Theatre constructed in 1948-9, was built with donated funds in memory of the late Oscar Foellinger, publisher of the News-Sentinel. Today it houses concerts, rented events and performances (seasonally).

Purchase tickets for the season!

Fort Wayne Children's Zooe

 2019 FWCZ mission moment

The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo evolved in the mid-1960's from an earlier bird sanctuary and native animal exhibit. Today the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo has become one of the area's finest attractions for adults and children alike!

Franke BMX


The Franke Park BMX is for riders young and old to come and compete, learn, practice and have a great time.

Franke Park Day Camp


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Since its inception in 1946, Franke Park Day Camp has provided unforgettable childhood experiences for thousands of area youth. With its strong emphasis on nature education and basic camping skills, Franke Park Day Camp provides an environment which fosters cooperation, problem-solving and socialization as well as the dirty, muddy outdoor fun kids of all ages enjoy! Check out the Day Camp web link or Sign up for camp (offered each summer)



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